Mega Man 11 trainer guide

For over 30 years, Mega Man games have challenged players with training a denunciation of a trainer order. In any mainline Mega Man game, we can tackle any core theatre in any order, yet completing bosses in certain sequences lets we take advantage of their weaknesses and better them that many quicker.

This Mega Man 11 beam will assistance we confirm that sequence to take on a 8 robot masters and mangle down any particular confrontation, including a final Wily Fortress bosses that are unbarred afterward.

Boss order

Technically, we can start with any couple in this chain.

Each trainer is diseased to a arms postulated by a preceding drudge master. However, we suggest starting with Block Man first. He’s one of a easiest battles to transparent (and a concentration of a demo substantially for that reason).

If we select someone else, usually loop behind around a chain, regulating Blast Man’s arms on Block Man, in this ubiquitous order:

  1. Block Man
  2. Acid Man
  3. Impact Man
  4. Bounce Man
  5. Fuse man
  6. Tundra Man
  7. Torch Man
  8. Blast Man

In Mega Man 11, all bosses competition an ultimate ability that is triggered after they take vicious amounts of damage. We’re going to call them desperation attacks.

Block Man

Block Man employs several easy to evasion attacks, afterwards quick transforms into a hulk golem with some-more telegraphed abilities.

Mega Man 11 retard man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Chain blast

Stay low to a belligerent when fighting Block Man, and let him make a initial move. When fighting him in a initial proviso of a conflict he usually uses dual abilities: tossing blocks downward from a sky and attempting to strike with we by strolling conflicting a locus and jumping. He’ll generally burst while during a mid prove in a arena, so usually wait and conflict accordingly by shifting underneath him or jumping over him if you’re in a corner. Calmly travel between a blocks as they dump or use a speed gear to position yourself correctly.

When Block Man loses roughly half of his health, he’ll renovate into a gargantuan golem for his desperation attack. Use charged shots here (hold down a shot symbol for several seconds, afterwards release) during a peak of your burst to strike his glossy red diseased spot. If he raises his right palm in a sky, he’s going to slap a ground: Just burst over it. If he extends his right arm behind him, he’s going to punch during an angle, that we can usually evasion right subsequent to his foot. If he raises his left palm he’s going to hurl blocks during you: Stay in a dilemma and jump. Keep calm, and keep sharpened his chest.

After we exhaust a new life sign for a golem, he’ll renovate behind into his unchanging aged self. From here, he’ll start hopping and throwing blocks from one finish of a shade until one of we dies. Immediately change to a power gear here, as it can blow by his blocks, true into Block Man directly. If we run out of rigging meter, we can also use a charged shot while jumping over his blocks to blow by them and strike him from conflicting a screen. Time your shots so that they go off when he’s about to land.

Acid Man

Acid Man seems tough during first, yet his settlement is easy to collect up. His desperation attack is really brief and he is unprotected during it.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Acid Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Block dropper

The conflict starts with Acid Man quick helmet himself. Use your unchanging shots to make down his defense and make him vulnerable: When it pops, he’ll tumble to a belligerent for a few seconds. Use a power gear to get in some quick, vast attacks before he can recover.

Always stay distant divided from Acid Man so we can evasion his arced poison bullets. Use your speed gear if indispensable to equivocate a arcs from above and to scheme to a other side of a shade when he gets too close. You don’t wish to get trapped in a corner, as he’ll heat his poison pellets right in your face.

Acid Man will cocktail his desperation attack after usually a few hits. Get prepared to burst over his plane belligerent swim, afterwards immediately burst again to equivocate a downward poison heat he shoots. Charge adult your buster and blast Acid Man as he’s dropping from a peak of his jump: You’ll strike him on a proceed down.

Impact Man

Impact Man has a really lofty desperation attack, yet it’s brief and he generally repeats a same patterns for many of a fight. He’s another good choice for a initial boss.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Impact Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Acid barrier

Impact Man is one of several bosses that generally moves from left to right. Stay on a conflicting side of a shade so that we can always evasion his lurch attack. The timing window is short, so make certain we wait a brief impulse and afterwards burst or you’ll get held in his dash.

Every time Impact Man jumps we should also (as we lonesome in a Mega Man 11 beginner’s guide) burst right before he lands, as he can impact a belligerent and jolt we momentarily.

After several shots Impact Man’s desperation attack will trigger. Watch for a yellow arrows: They prove where a missile is going to come into a locus off-screen. Wait in a protected zone. Once he forms into a drill, you’ll need to evasion from side to side to equivocate his impact and a concomitant explosion.

Once we see or hear a blast go off, trip into a instruction of Impact Man, and he’ll lean over Mega Man. Do this several times to equivocate removing hit, and Impact Man will renovate behind into his common self, repeating a routine from step one.

Bounce Man

Given how parsimonious Bounce Man’s locus is, he can be one of a worse drudge masters to take out with a unchanging mega buster.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Bounce Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Pile driver

Bounce Man is constantly moving, so it’s best to consider of him like a billiards ball. He’ll rebound diagonally around a enclosed arena, yet his bounces have a mathematical pattern. Look where he primarily bounces, afterwards mentally snippet a erratic line from his rebound to expect where he’s going to go next. Slide conflicting a shade if a rebound is high or burst over him if it’s low to get out of his way. The quicker we conflict to his second rebound a faster we can get to a other side of a shade before he corners we with a third bounce.

When he stops and leaps in a air, burst to equivocate his fist and heat a pre-charged shot. (Note that he might lift himself toward his fist, so if you’re in tighten quarters, trip underneath him after he starts bouncing again.) Never stay subsequent Bounce Man as he has a downward boundary strike attack.

For this desperation attack, Bounce Man will hurl conflicting a shade usually as he has previously, yet some-more rapidly. Use a speed gear here and blast him. When he’s finished bouncing it will reset a fight.

Fuse Man

Fuse Man is really discerning and can take some time to learn. Consider holding him on after unlocking his weakness.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Fuse Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Bounce ball

Fuse Man will always telegram where he’s teleporting with a manifest yellow line, yet it’s dangerous: Stay divided from it, and have a charged shot prepared for when he arrives during his destination. When he gets there, he will heat off a lightning bolt, that is easy to evasion with a discerning burst followed by a discerning charged shot on your end.

While all this is happening, dual electric spheres will be rotating conflicting a locus in a clockwise pattern. Try to relax your eyes so that you’re focusing on a spheres while examination Fuse Man out of your marginal vision. With adequate practice, we can simply evasion a spheres while gripping tabs on Fuse Man’s slower lightning shaft shots.

For his desperation attack, Fuse Man will temporarily zip conflicting a room and impact into a belligerent several times. You can use a speed gear here, yet a impact is easy to evasion if we burst right before he lands. (Note that we can repairs him when he’s on a belligerent for a moment.)

Once he’s finished with his fit, a conflict will reset yet Fuse Man will now heat dual lightning bolts after teleporting.

Tundra Man

Another speedster, Tundra Man is easier to evasion than many and has a really brief, low appetite desperation attack.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Tundra Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Scramble thunder

Tundra Man’s locus is encased in ice, that causes Mega Man to trip while regulating on a ground. One easy proceed to conflicting it is to burst constantly, as your aerial production have no impact on a ice. You can also buy a spike boots from a emporium for 300 bolts to keep a hold on a ice, yet we wouldn’t suggest it. They’re really situational, and we can spend your bolts elsewhere on some-more useful upgrades.

When Tundra Man cups his hands together, he’s going to movement conflicting a room horizontally. When he’s spinning and a flurry appears around him, he can potentially burst mid-skate, that can chuck off your dodging game. Using a speed gear here is a good thought so that we can expect his jumps. His settlement is:

  1. One true lurch (go over)
  2. One brief burst (slide under)
  3. Three extensive leaps (walk under)
  4. Two mid-sized leaps (jump over)
  5. One delayed lurch (jump)

Do not try to stay in a dilemma when he approaches you. He lingers there for a moment, and we will strike with him.

His desperation attack involves an easy to evasion array of discerning dashes conflicting a screen. Tap a burst symbol so that we perform a smaller leap. This will assistance we land earlier and burst again yet carrying to use a speed gear. Tundra Man will repeat a quarrel from a commencement after his final dash.

Torch Man

Torch Man is able of traffic a vast volume of repairs in a really brief volume of time. If we aren’t learned during dodging enemies, we might have a worse time with him than many drudge masters yet his weakness.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Torch Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Tundra storm

As his categorical attack, Torch Man will heat his fists during you: one during your conduct (which can be slid under) and one during your feet that we can burst over. You can’t heat a charged shot by these, so you’ll need to evasion them and afterwards heat off an conflict after they’ve cleared. Alternatively, we can also bound usually a bit and land a charged shot nearby his head. It’ll safely cruise over a reduce fist attack.

While this settlement is simply countered, Torch Man employs a lot of mixup tricks to feign we out, forcing we to conflict and get too tighten to him. If we hold him, he’ll flog we conflicting a screen, inflicting outrageous amounts of damage.

To best him, make certain we never make contact. Stay distant away, watch for his leaps and, if needed, use a speed gear to trip underneath him and get to a conflicting finish of a arena. Also, never force yourself into a corner.

Besting Torch Man’s desperation attack is tough and might seem counterintuitive during first. Stay in a core of a locus as he powers up, and evasion a fire wheels. If we hang to a corners, it will turn increasingly formidable to pierce out of a proceed of his leaps and a wheels, yet we have some-more room in a center to pierce around, generally with a speed gear.

After he flies off screen, he’ll come behind down with a telegraphed downward slam. This is easy to dodge, and it’ll reset a quarrel after it hits. Make certain to assign adult a blast and strike him with it when he lands.

Blast Man

Blast Man is designed like a nonplus and follows in a footsteps of many aged propagandize Mega Man bosses who generally conflict from one finish of a room. Mastering a evasion is a contingency when battling Blast Man, yet he’s some-more forgiving than many bosses.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Blast Man

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Blazing Torch

For a many part, we can hang to a left side of a locus for this fight. Blast Man will chuck out grenades in an arc settlement possibly above or below, permitting we to evasion between a gaps.

He’ll also place 4 grenades in a settlement in a center and proceed we occasionally. Just pierce over to a other side slowly, baiting a floating grenades as we walk, and creation certain not to immediately run to a conflicting end. After several seconds, they’ll raze and you’ll finish adult safely in a dilemma of a screen. The floating grenades don’t indeed do repairs on impact. It’s a blast that will harm you, so we can pierce even some-more solemnly than we comprehend here.

For his desperation attack, Blast Man will chuck incomparable grenades that have a bigger blast radius. The blast is brief, so we can even burst over them and land safely as it dissipates. Keep adhering to a corners so we have a many room to dodge, and repeat a quarrel from a beginning.

Yellow Devil MK-III

Its behind again! You’ll hoop this classical trainer flattering many a same proceed they did in 1987: by staying ease and memorizing a settlement in that a clumps tumble off.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Yellow Devil MK-III

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Mega buster

Whether you’ve fought it in a several incarnations over a years or this is your initial time, a crux is a same: You need to evasion a clumps, that follow a same simple pattern.

The Yellow Devil has to form before it can unleash a categorical laser attack, that is arguably a toughest partial of a fight. Clumps will fly from one finish of a shade to another, that we can mostly evasion by jumping, station still or shifting underneath. Using a speed gear here is a good idea, generally after dodging a initial few clumps so that a scale lasts until he is entirely formed. Once a Yellow Devil’s eye appears, heat it with an already-prepped charged shot.

The MK-III quarrel has a twist: It also has a desperation attack. After a few charged shots, it’ll separate off into mixed little Yellow Devils, that are really easy to dodge. All we need to do is figure out how to evasion a initial clone, and a rest will follow suit. There’s a essential tip that will assistance we during this phase: Look for a one little counterpart with an unprotected eye — we can repairs it.

Repeat a whole process, creation certain to heat a little unprotected Devil when we can to make this quarrel go by quicker, before we have to understanding with too many clump evasion phases.


As one of a final gatekeepers of Mega Man 11, Mawverne is indeed some-more of a pushover than a Yellow Devil.

Mega Man 11nbsp;Mawverne

Capcom around Polygon

Weakness: Pile driver

Mawverne generally moves in a clockwise or counterclockwise settlement along a block arena, so keep that in mind as you’re dodging a attacks. Resetting yourself to a tip left dilemma of a locus is generally safe, as we can simply burst over it when it moves from right or left or dump down when it transitions from left to right.

To swell with a fight, you’ll need to open adult Mawverne’s armor. When a receiver is illuminated with a red glow, we can use your mega buster to repairs it from a bottom corner above a floor. (Stand on a corner conflicting of where Mawverne is.) Mash a unchanging buster shot to open adult a bombard and make it vulnerable. From there we can use a pile driver lurch to strike a unprotected body.

At this prove in a fight, Mawverne will unleash several round drones that will solemnly pierce in your direction. Stop what you’re doing and use a mega buster to take them out, as they’ll eventually locate adult with we and plate out tons of damage. It’s best to understanding with them as shortly as they arrive before they’re anywhere nearby you.

After Mawverne loses 3 buliding of a life, it’ll start a desperation attack. When it teleports, stay divided from a tip ledges to equivocate impact and go to possibly side of it. Use your mega buster or a pile driver to take it out while dodging a beams. (Height is pivotal here, as it frequency shoots upward.)

Boss gauntlet

In lieu of a new boss, a third Wily theatre indeed facilities a trainer gauntlet. As is tradition, you’ll block off opposite any core robot master once more.

Mega Man 11nbsp;boss gauntlet

Capcom around Polygon

The debility sequence is indeed laid out ideally by default, yet that’s really easy to miss. From left to right, tip to bottom a sequence is

  1. Block Man
  2. Acid Man
  3. Impact Man
  4. Bounce Man
  5. Fuse Man
  6. Tundra Man
  7. Torch Man
  8. Blast Man.

Easy! It’s a same sequence listed above.

To save time, we can pre-equip a suitable debility before jumping into a capsule.

Wily Machine 11 (V1 V2)

Mega Man 11 has a lot of sentimental references with a final trainer fights, that includes a multi-phase Wily Machine battle. You’ll need to use mixed boss weapons to take him down effectively.

Since this is a prolonged fight, make certain we bond before regulating an ability so we don’t rubbish profitable arms power.

Weakness: Tundra charge (V1) / Acid separator (V2)

Mega Man 11 Dr. Wily 1

Capcom around Polygon

Tundra storm will make brief work of Wily’s appliance and can strike him as you’re walking below. Dodging is easy here. Just be studious and usually conflict when you’re safe.

Once we run out of tundra storm, stand adult on a missiles with your speed gear and use a charged shot. You might need to strike him right during a peak of your jump, that can take practice.

Mega Man 11 Dr. Wily 2

Capcom around Polygon

For this subsequent phase, immediately barter to Acid Man’s weapon. This partial can be tricky, yet by intelligent use of a speed gear, we can wear him down. Wily is really quick in his V2 appurtenance since he’ll be regulating his possess speed gear power, yet by counteracting it we can strike him as he zooms by.

Be regressive with your use of the speed gear. When he appears, wait a half second and afterwards use it. Then immediately cancel it after Wily has upheld or you’ve successfully strike him with your acid barrier or mega buster. That way, your scale can quick recharge as he prepares his subsequent rush attack.

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