Meet Libero, a many sparkling actor in rival Overwatch

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The many sparkling playmaker in opposition Overwatch hasn’t even graduated high propagandize yet.

Meta Athena’s Kim “Libero” Kim Hye-sung, 18, became famous by online circles and a ubiquitous Overwatch stage in South Korea by his poise of a favourite Hanzo. He would cocktail adult on OGN, South Korea’s wire gaming channel, giving tips on how to play a Japanese murderer character, and during a time was deliberate zero some-more than a elementary one-trick actor with a expertise on how to master Hanzo.

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  • After unwell to validate for a initial deteriorate of OGN APEX, a premiere South Korea Overwatch tournament, Libero began to mature into a actor he is today. He’s turn a actor with one of a largest favourite pools of all a veteran players currently in Overwatch after branching out from his Hanzo main. His expansion as a actor was a biggest reason for Meta Athena’s success via a teenager joining circuit, and a bar eventually done it by to a second deteriorate of OGN APEX with a fibre of biased victories over highly-touted sides like LuxuryWatch Red and a DPS luminary Kim “Pine” Do-hyeon.

    What creates Libero mount out is not usually his arsenal of heroes though how he steers his group in a new instruction with any one he selects. Generally a DPS or tank actor (healer usually for a specific strategy), he allows Meta Athena to possibly play a simple 2/2/2 combination or to play a bulkier, defensive diversion with 3 tanks, for that a group has turn renowned. In his brief veteran career, he’s already played some-more than half of a heroes accessible in veteran play; in Libero’s many famous feat opposite opposition Kongdoo Panthera in a quarterfinals of OGN Apex Season 2, he played 10 opposite heroes in usually 3 games, and Meta Athena swept a series.

    “Libero” in Italian means “free” or “freedom”, that represents good how a teenaged centerpiece plays a game. In volleyball, a libero position is deliberate a defensive dilettante of a team, mostly doing a unwashed work so that a star enemy can gleam during a net. Libero does a same on Meta Athena; while a rest of his group doesn’t share a same ability of coherence he does, he’s a one that allows Athena to be stretchable by his choices. When his group needs something opposite to chuck during a team, Libero is a one that sets all adult and allows a team’s ace DPS player, Ha “Sayaplaya” Jeong-woo, to shelve adult a inflection tilt of kills.

    Over a march of Meta Athena’s arise to inflection final OGN APEX season, a group reeled off 21 compare wins in a quarrel before finally descending to contingent champion Lunatic-Hai in a semifinal. As a team, Meta Athena lacks a punch of some other teams like LH or LW Blue, a group that degraded Athena in a third-place compare following a detriment in a semifinal, though Libero’s character along with his team’s inventive strategy concede them to plea a best teams in a world.

    When asked how he continues adding some-more and some-more heroes to his ever flourishing list, Libero says he learns by examination diversion tape. If he wants to be a master during Roadhog, he would watch Taimou. For Winston, it would be LH’s Gong “Miro” Jin-hyuk, and so on. To be one of a best, he has to learn from a best, and Libero takes what creates those players a best during their heroes and while not bringing it all to his play, can during slightest resemble during times those players who have signature heroes.

    Libero is not a best actor in a universe and competence never be. But he possesses a collection to assistance others strech that goal. Libero is a actor that creates everybody around him better. At times he can be ignored when subsequent to some of a players on his team, and that’s since he allows those players a event to be during their best by his unselfishness. If a group needs him to play Symmetra, he’ll do it, and do it during maybe not a ideal level, though good adequate to let his teammates govern a intrigue they baked adult in practice.

    Metha Athena is a group that when we watch them, we consternation because we and your friends didn’t consider of their devise initial — “Wait, we can boost adult there with Mei’s wall?” — and astonish we with their uncontrollable foolishness in a face of high stakes. Libero, giveaway in form, competence not be mostly deliberate a ace, nonetheless is a heart of Meta Athena, and like in volleyball, flies by a air, crashing down to a building to keep a round from attack down so that a group can set adult a spike for a point.

    It isn’t always pretty, and those furious maneuvers don’t always work out, though it’s what creates Meta Athena — and a heart Libero — competitors that we can never avert your eyes from.

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