McLellan Brothers ‘Pretty Happy To End Up’ With Woodbine Mile Contender Dragon Bay

It’s customarily a competition of equine racing that move brothers Brent and Russell McLellan together and Ricoh Woodbine Mile contender Dragon Bay has taken them on a stirring float to some of their bucket list racetracks they never suspicion was probable as kids flourishing adult examination a races during Stampede Park with their father.

A two-time Grade 2 stakes leader this year during Woodbine, Dragon Bay has also raced stateside with success, winning a $100,000 English Channel Stakes final Oct during Belmont.

“He has taken us on a unequivocally cold ride,” pronounced Russell of five-time leader Dragon Bay, who has warranted scarcely $365,000 in purses. “He has taken us to racetracks and to races that sitting behind as kids flourishing adult during Stampede Park we never suspicion would be possible, like using in a Woodbine Mile, using during Saratoga or in Keeneland – those have all arrange of been bucket list racetracks that we always wanted to have a equine contest during and afterwards for him to be a stakes turn horse, it’s only been awesome.”

Attending a lane in Calgary as immature boys with their father Roy is how they grown a adore for horses, examination a considerable equine athletes get prepared for a races and sight in a mornings. As they got older, a brothers started a associate with their father and delved into equine tenure themselves from there in partnership with tutor and prolonged time family crony Stuart Simon.

“We’re only a integrate of level boys that are flattering happy to finish adult where we’ve finished adult right now,” pronounced Russell heading adult to Saturday’s $800,000 Ricoh Woodbine Mile (Grade 1).

Brent fondly recalls winning his initial Woodbine competition as one of his highlights as an owners after relocating to a Greater Toronto Area in a mid-1990s, and after success with Atlantic Hurricane, who was claimed for $40,000 early in her four-year-old year and rose adult a ranks to be named Sovereign Award Champion Female Sprinter in 2011. Of course, Dragon Bay has taken them on their latest journey.

“It was a disturb to win a competition during Woodbine for a initial time with Stu and afterwards carrying Atlantic Hurricane and only saying Dragon Bay win during Belmont final year. He took us to Saratoga, that was a fantastic, and into this Woodbine Mile, that is another genuine iconic competition that I’d adore to be a partial of,” pronounced Brent, who operates a valve and wise placement business in Ontario and Atlantic Canada while his younger hermit Russell is also a business owners in Alberta.

The disturb of a competition is only one aspect a brothers enjoy, quite a ability to transport and accommodate new people, though they determine a genuine captivate is being means to share those practice with family.

“It’s not indispensably a races, though it’s a time that we get together since we live on conflicting sides of a Canada,” pronounced Russell. “It’s customarily a races that move us together so it’s about a time that we spend together while we’re during these events, that is flattering cool. We customarily go to a backstretch and bug Stuart a small bit and watch a horses practice in a morning, talk, laugh, go have breakfast. It’s only a partial of being together as a family around an eventuality and afterwards if we occur to win, that’s a cherry on a top. But unequivocally during a finish of a day, it’s some-more only about spending some peculiarity time together.”

Their adore of racing is extended by a partnership they have with Stuart, who has lerned and owned horses with a McLellan family for roughly 30 years, starting out with Brent and Russell’s father in Western Canada. (Roy still owns horses there with Hall of Fame tutor Harold Barroby.)

“Stuart’s a unequivocally good trainer, though what we find many about Stuart is he’s an even improved tellurian being,” remarkable Russell. “I’ve only watched him covenant with people in a backstretch and a horses that he deals with. My hermit and we are impossibly propitious to be compared with a man like Stuart. He’s only done it so most some-more beguiling from a business aspect and we’re only unequivocally propitious to have Stuart as a trainer.”

Like brothers, they fun with Stuart that Dragon Bay has given him a few grey hairs with his youthful antics progressing in his career, though regard Stuart’s horsemanship skills as an constituent partial of a four-year-old reddish-brown gelding’s success.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun win or lose,” pronounced Brent of Saturday’s Woodbine Mile. “These form of races are special to be in. He’s a genuine neat horse, physically illusory and mentally he’s a happy horse, though he likes to do a few things on his possess and we consider he’s a bit of a training plea for Stu. But he’s been value a effort. We’ve had a lot of fun with him.”

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