May Will Bring A New Legendary Research Reward For ‘Pokémon GO’ Players

Pokemon GO

Niantic’s skeleton for a destiny of Field Research in Pokémon GO are clear, and it’s a pierce players approaching after removing a same esteem week after week.

Yesterday, Niantic announced that starting on May 1st, Pokémon GO Field Research tasks will enhance to embody ones focusing on drifting and electric types. There is also an picture of Professor Willow subsequent to a Zapdos so…I consider it’s not too most of a jump to see what’s pragmatic here.

Zapdos will be replacing Moltres as a mythological prerogative for completing a strain of Field Research tasks. Players were a bit confused when they kept removing Moltres encounters week after week, though it seems flattering transparent now that Niantic is environment adult a monthly revolution for Legendaries as rewards, encircling behind to aged ones as a approach for players to obstacle them if they didn’t by raids earlier. Or they can try for a aloft IV version. It seems flattering transparent that subsequent month will be Articuno, and maybe Lugia and Ho-Oh will be after that, before a diversion shifts to a Legendary Beasts in a entrance months.

I unequivocally adore how Niantic is regulating Field Research to stagger behind in mythological Pokémon, as I’ve pronounced for ages that when quests arrived, they should offer paths to legendaries as an swap trail to raids, that need a faith on other people. The stream complement is a good one. Raiders will get initial entrance to new mythological Pokémon, though eventually, other players can solo quests and get entrance to them as well. And they’ll have 4 chances a month to do so with any new 7-day duration of investigate tasks.

My theory is that we will also see some of these aged legendaries stagger behind around to raids in special events, or when Niantic has down time between a recover of new legendaries. Gen 4 substantially isn’t all that distant divided during this point, a few months maybe, though we wouldn’t be astounded to see comparison legendaries lapse to rotating before that happens.

What we don’t have any new information about is either or not May will also move a new Special Research Tasks, aka a new Mythic Pokémon to follow like Celebi, that would be replacing Mew. we would be a small astounded if Niantic started doing one new Mythic each month, since there are not all that many of them to go through, though maybe that will switch over as well. If so, they’re not promotion it adult front, so maybe they wish it to be a surprise. But come May 1st, players might have another query on their hands, so if you’re still chasing Mew, maybe try to finish that adult in a subsequent few days. I’m not certain if we can run mixed Special Research quests during once.

May should be a fun month for Pokémon GO between new Research and confidently other events as well. Zapdos is coming, though he might not be alone, so stay tuned.

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