May The Force Be With Her: Writer Jennifer Muro Talks About ‘Star Wars: Forces Of Destiny’ And Why ‘We Are All Diana’

Thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Rogue One, geeks have dual new clever womanlike characters to admire: Rey and Jyn Erso (along with Princess/General Leia, who appears in both films). And now all 3 characters are entrance to a charcterised miniseries Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, with Daisy Ridley and Felicity Jones reprising their film roles.

If that weren’t sparkling enough, a possess SuperNews hosts Joe and Phill invited Forces of Destiny writer Jennifer Muro into a studio for a review about a miniseries, and her other projects (including Justice League: Action), what she’s geeking out over now, and given Wonder Woman matters. You can watch a full talk below:

Here are a few of a biggest takeaways:

3. ‘We Are All Diana’

Jennifer Muro got some of her voice actor friends and other colleagues to accumulate during a #WonderWoman display to support Patty Jenkins. They wore T-shirts that review “We Are All Diana” given of a inspirational movie. What’s super cold is that #PattyJenkins responded with high regard on Twitter:

2. She’s Been A Geek Since Childhood, And Met Her Animation Idol

Who here had a Star Wars-themed celebration flourishing up? we know we did, and so did Jennifer Muro. When she was a teenager, Muro worked during one a Warner Bros. stores and would assistance sell some of a strange DC animation cells. Everything came full round when visited a bureau of author Alan Burnett during Warner Bros. Studios. (Yes, that Burnett, who has had a palm in probably each DC charcterised plan given Super Friends, including Batman: The Animated Series.)

Being such a large fan, Muro roughly started great tears of fun when she entered his office. As she pronounced on a show, “Dreams do come true.”

1. Her Dream Project

Jennifer Muro suggested that, hands down, her ideal plan would be a TV uncover about Themyscira — that’s right, a hearth of Wonder Woman. Just consider about all of a stories that could be told about Wonder Woman’s associate Amazonians! Wouldn’t we like to see some-more of Artemis? Muro could open adult a whole new world, and deliver a array of new characters that we’ve never seen before. Please, let’s make this happen!

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny premieres Jul 3, 2017 on Disney’s YouTube channel.

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