Master Chief Returns in “Halo: Collateral Damage”

Halo fans, rejoice! If you’re removing sleepy of personification Halo Wars 2 and wish to be enthralled once some-more into a tale of Master Chief and Blue Team as they conduct into battle, you’re in luck. The star of Halo earnings to comics with a code new goal for Master Chief, according to Newsarama and Halo Waypoint, in “Halo: Collateral Damage.”

Published by Dark Horse, “Halo: Collateral Damage” will follow Master Chief and Blue Team as they penetrate an inconstant cluster world. The group contingency forestall a Covenant from uncovering an ancient energy next a planet’s surface. As a goal continues, Master Chief and association contingency uncover a poser of this ancient energy and a probable ramifications it can have on a Halo star during large.

This three-part miniseries will be brought to life by author Alex Irvine (“Halo: Rise of Atriox” #4, “Iron Man: The Rapture”), who earnings to a Halo star and will be assimilated by artist Dave Crosland (“Scarface: Scarred For Life”), colorist Leonard O’Grady (“Judge Dredd”), letterer Simon Bowland (“The Wild Storm,” “Bloodshot Salvation”), with cover art by Zak Hartong (“Albatross,” “Clovis”).

Make certain to get held adult on all of Dark Horse’s “Halo” comics before “Halo: Collateral Damage” hits comic book shelves on June, 6 2018.

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