Massive Call of Duty and PlayStation Plus Sales No-Scope Our Wallets

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playstation and cod

If we recently purchased a PlayStation 4, we wish we hatred money, given Sony binds during slightest dual torpedo sales roughly each week but fail. On a weekends we can demeanour brazen to limited-time peep sales, and during a week there are typically one or dual themed sales or sales that underline special prices for PlayStation Plus members. Right now, we indeed get to take advantage of both of those latter forms of sales.

If we conduct on over to a games sales landing page on a PlayStation Store, you’ll see that we have a Call of Duty sale, and a PlayStation Plus disdainful sale. We’re going to mangle this down into sections, given not all of we will have PlayStation Plus.

We’ll flog things off with all of a Call of Duty discounts, that embody a first-time cost condense on a newly expelled Call of Duty: Black Ops III – Zombies Chronicles Edition, that is now $49.99. Other Call of Duty classics go as low as $9.79.

Don’t forget to corkscrew down toward a bottom to see a PlayStation Plus Deals! Let’s begin.

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