Mason Rudolph and a No. 15 Oklahoma State Cowboys exist a No. 21 Iowa State Cyclones 49-42

MIKE PATRICK: They’ve got you’ve got a tiebreaker over Oklahoma and TCU– pass to a finish zone– touchdown! It looked like Trey Flowers, a safety, incited his back, mislaid lane of a ball, and a man he was covering. And Allen Lazard was right there for his seventh touchdown catch.

Montgomery, nowhere to go. Then cuts it behind outside. What a pierce by Montgomery! Inside a 15, 10, 5, touchdown! Are we kidding! [INAUDIBLE]

–7. Oklahoma State perplexing to cut into this deficit. Rudolph has time, double pumps, throws for a finish zone. Ateman, touchdown! 6′ 4″, 220, and he goes adult to get it. Beat D’Andre Payne in a behind of a finish zone.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: That was all Mason Rudolph.

MIKE PATRICK: Hill goes in motion, Rudolph with time. Plenty of time. Throws deep. and held for a touchdown, Marcell Ateman. Double covered. Rudolph threw it adult for grabs. And Ateman during 6-4, 220, only outfought everybody else.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Well, who would have thought–

REFEREE: Receiver was forced out of end and re-established inbounds. The statute on a margin is touchdown.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Wow. That was an unimaginable throw. Really a play by Mason Rudolph. He just– Ateman only outjumps a defender.

MIKE PATRICK: –300-yard diversion in a final 11. Swing pass. And that is a touchdown to Dillon Stoner. That was too easy.

TOMMY TUBERVILLE: Way too easy. Kind of over-pursued.

MIKE PATRICK: The good news, Tommy, for Iowa State–

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