March Black Ops 3 Update: What’s New in

The March Black Ops 3 update recover date is here on a PS4, Xbox One and PC. The subsequent time we start Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 we will see a prompt to implement a Black Ops 3 update.

After the refurbish we will still see a Mar Black Ops 3 hotfix to, that appears to aim users who rest on Black Ops 3 cheats and hacks to turn up.

Here’s a discerning outline of what’s new in a Mar Black Ops 3 hotfixes, that should hurl adult into a vital Black Ops 3 refurbish after this month or in April.

Since a vital Mar Black Ops 3 refurbish arrived we’ve seen a few Black Ops 3 hotfix updates including 52.*.20.7.0 and The asterisk means that we might see a somewhat opposite series on your console or PC.

This tiny Mar Black Ops 3 refurbish rolled out on Mar 4 to repair disconnects with when someone was regulating a Hive special ability and to repair a burst by a roof light exploit. Shortly after that the hotfix arrived on Mar 7th to finish Double XP, though there was no other change listed.

On Mar 10th the Black Ops 3 hotfix rolled out to PS4, Xbox One and PC. Here’s what’s new in a latest Mar Black Ops 3 hotfix.

Here is a minute demeanour during what’s new in a Mar Black Ops 3 refurbish for PS4, Xbox One and PC. There are a accumulation of fixes for ubiquitous gameplay, Dark Matter camo, bugs, scorestreaks, weapons, maps, zombies and more. There are some slight differences between consoles and PC.

The PC and Xbox One Mar Black Ops 3 updates arrive with fixes and options to capacitate a Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC that is entrance to a these systems after an disdainful duration on a PS4.

At this indicate there are no mentions of new Black Ops 3 weapons in the March Black Ops 3 update, though infrequently players will learn these before a central announcement.

March Black Ops 3 Update 1.07: What’s New

What's new in a Black Ops 3 1.07 update.What's new in a Black Ops 3 1.07 update.

What’s new in a Black Ops 3 1.07 update.

Here is a walkthrough of what’s new in the March Black Ops 3 refurbish for PS4, Xbox One and PC. On a PlayStation 4 this is a Black Ops 1.07 update, though users will not see that same name on a Xbox One update. The PC Mar Black Ops 3 refurbish is TU7.

Many of a Mar Black Ops 3 changes are a same opposite any console and PC, though there are some apart fixes. The PC Black OPs 3 refurbish includes a specific discuss of a Awakening Black Ops 3 DLC, while a Xbox One does not.

One really acquire change is Ricochet repairs in Hardcore mode. This bounces behind bullets when a group partner tries to fire we and take your caring package or a explosve plant/defuse. This is a acquire change, though one that Treyarch is seeking feedback on.

March Black Ops 3 Update Size

The Mar Black Ops 3 refurbish distance on PS4 is 9.606GB, though this refurbish adds to a final refurbish that we installed. The PS4 Black Ops 3 1.05 refurbish was 9.1GB, and a 1.06 refurbish combined to this. We usually had to download 300 to 500MB for this update.

This is a estimable Mar Black Ops 3 update.This is a estimable Mar Black Ops 3 update.

This is a estimable Mar Black Ops 3 update.

The Mar Xbox One Black Ops 3 refurbish is 1.14GB in size. We are watchful for acknowledgment of a PC refurbish size.

What to Expect Next

This is usually a second day of March, so we design to see during slightest several Mar Black Ops hotfixes to arrive this. You can review by a a beam to see what else we can design from Mar Black Ops 3 updates and hotfixes this month.

Check out a full changes on any complement below.

March Xbox One Black Ops 3 Update Changes

1 / 3March Xbox One Black Ops 3 Update ChangesMarch Xbox One Black Ops 3 Update Changes


Addressed emanate where warranted Dark Matter camos were not appearing on Black Market weapons.
Resolved bug where Players were incompetent to clear Gold/Diamond camos on a Marshal16 and MX Garand if they warranted Weapon Class Mastery before TU5.
Resolved emanate where a wrong picture would seem when a Player perceived a Reaper Geist Specialist thesis in a Supply Drop.
Addressed bug where a NX ShadowClaw’s Bayonet would arrangement a wrong picture if criminialized or stable in Arenas.
Fixed emanate where a wrong picture was displayed for a LRX3 in a Custom Games Protect/Ban menu.
Updated visuals for Prestige Kill Counter and Clan Tag.
Updated Official Custom Variants for CWL Competitive Game Modes.

General Gameplay

Fixed emanate where a white picture was appearing in a Killfeed for Fury Song kills.

Corrected bug where a Fury Song idol would arrangement in a Killfeed whenever a Player perceived a kill with a Combat Knife.

Added bounce repairs for Care Package owners in Hardcore Modes.
Added bounce repairs for Players planting or defusing bombs in Search Destroy in Hardcore Mode.

Wraith – Addressed emanate where a Wraith was being broken by one reduction rocket than intended.

Rolling Thunder – Fixed bug where a Rolling Thunder could be seen on a mini-map by enemies who were not regulating a Engineer Perk.

Combine – Addressed feat where players could layer onto rocks nearby Start parent and get outward of playable area.

Fringe – Addressed feat where Players were means to benefit an astray advantage by station atop invisible collision nearby Red Barn.

Infection – Prevented Player from escorting Safeguard drudge from inside building.

Redwood – Spawned indication nearby SD Bomb Site B to forestall bad line of sight.

Splash – Spawned in additional collision to forestall Yellow Tube exploit. Carved out collision in a Red tube to concede for improved Player movement.


ICR-1 – Increased accuracy. Now has reduction recoil.

Iron Jim – Fixed uninterrupted conflict speed to be unchanging with other m�lange weapons.

Fixed emanate where Players were incompetent to acquire swell towards a Chameleon camo if a Varix 3 was attached.
Addressed bug where a Marshal 16’s course would count towards a MR6’s stats if regulating a Dual Wield attachment.
Resolved emanate where a “Run and Gun” Prestige plea would not lane if Players gained kills regulating a Dual Wield connection and a Gung-Ho Perk.
Addressed bug where Players were incompetent to acquire swell towards a Chameleon camo if a Dual Wield Perk was equipped.


Improved matchmaking in Arenas.

Fixed issues where Parties would spasmodic be separate when acid for a new Arena match.

Added neutral state to ban/protect options.

Players are now means to continue modifying classes and streaks after dire ‘Done.’

Custom Games – Added NX ShadowClaw to tradition diversion rival options.

Social: Fixed emanate where stating a Player would not refurbish with a scold name.

General Zombies Changes

Addressed feat in Daily Challenge system. 
Fixed emanate where Player could trigger a rocket defense functionality and/or GobbleGums when a scoreboard was on screen.
Fixed emanate where a vacant Daily Challenge label would seem in a after movement news during a finish of a local/offline Zombies game.
Fixed emanate where Double Weapon XP scale did not accurately simulate a volume of XP warranted after a match.
Alternate ammo forms have perceived a balancing pass.
Dead Ops Arcade II

Fixed a bug where Firepower predestine arms did not ascent to purple version.
Eliminated a really tiny time window where Player exiting a car was exposed to damage.
New pickup combined post turn 24; Coat of Arms.
Increased Siegebot Player car time by 10 seconds for balancing purposes.
Increased a health of a Golden Egg by 3x.

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