Man Utd 2 Liverpool 1: Marcus Rashford scores twice as Jose Mourinho wins a tactical battle

“Because of a goals they scored, it’s clear. You always can remove a header plea with Lukaku, that can always occur and there’s a opening in behind and we need to tighten that. We were in these situations, not there. It done it not easy here so afterwards a lot of OK moments, dual good moments we could have finished better, a set pieces were all good.

“I suspicion second half we chased a game, that’s what we have to do, afterwards scored a idea and yeh, had some-more chances. we consider it was a transparent chastisement with Fellaini on Sadio. we consider we need a right decisions. It was early 2-0 though it didn’t occur and we reacted, that’s a duty, and what we pronounced before a diversion is loyal after it. We lost.

“To be honest we have no explanation. They played a lot of prolonged balls, we were not there. If we not wish to forgive though it happens in football. The second round was a one thing though we consider it was a initial from Rashford when he cuts back… we need to be there. we don’t know who in this impulse though we need to be there.

“In other moments we were good, we played football, though not a transparent chances. They were there. The best one Firmino passes to Sadio and if there is no foul, Sadio wins. What can we say, they measure dual we measure one. One indicate would have been satisfactory to us.”

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