Man shocked by his baby during Outlast 2 becomes Twitch’s many …

Man shocked by his possess baby while personification Outlast 2 becomes Twitch’s most-watched clip
Outlast 2 is additional terrifying with genuine life toddlers (Picture: Twitch)

A male shocked by his possess real-life baby during a event on Outlast 2 has turn Twitch’s most-watched shave ever, and it’s flattering estimable of a accolade.

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Streamer JurassicJunkieLive was left screaming into a abyss while personification a fear sequel, after his two-year-old daughter Jessica came stumbling into a room during a quite moving section.

To be fair, there’s some flattering terrifying baby-death in Outlast 2. We’d be screaming during anything next a knee.

In a 20 second clip, we can hear his daughter enter his bureau to broach a can of Jack Daniels, with his headphones preventing him from conference a intrusion.

The original stream also shows what happens after a clip, that is somewhat some-more poetic as a pennon rises his daughter in a atmosphere and onto his lap.

The shave has now racked adult over 1,900,000 views during time of writing, given a strange tide aired a small 6 days ago.

So if we have kids and wish to turn a viral sensation, only leave a doorway accidentally unbarred during your live streams. We always knew they had a purpose.

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