Man jailed 6 years for threats done in Runescape finally released

Josh Pillault

On Oct 4, 2012, afterwards 19-year-old Josh Pillault got into an justification on Runescape. Another actor called Pillault violent and told him to dedicate suicide. The justification usually escalated from there, and during some indicate in his response, Pillault pronounced he would “level” internal Alabama high propagandize Oxford High. Pillault also alluded to a Columbine shooting, and pronounced he could not “wait to blow smarts out of skulls.” 

Four days later, on Oct 8, 2012, a FBI arrested Pillault in his home in Alabama. According to his box file, he was charged with “knowingly and willfully communicating a jeopardy by means of a internet, an instrument of widespread and unfamiliar commerce, concerning an try to kill and harm people and unlawfully repairs and destroy buildings by means of glow and explosives.” (Note: Pillault’s box record says he was arrested in Oct 2014. This is an error. The scold dates can be found in the FBI’s records of a arrest.) 

In a hearing that followed, in that Pillault eventually pled guilty, he was condemned to 6 years in prison, which, as his box record says, is “forty-eight months longer than a advisory guideline range” customarily used when sentencing girl of Pillault’s age. In a years that followed, Pillault visited scarcely a dozen prisons and send facilities. Most of those visits were brief, quite for evaluations or transfers, though he stayed in 3 opposite prisons for extended periods: one in Butner, North Carolina; one in Talladega, Alabama; and one in Marianna, Florida. 

Pillault was usually recently expelled from jail and a successive duration of residence arrest. Earlier this week, he expelled a video about his knowledge in jail and his side of a trial. we also spoke to Pillault around Discord to hear some-more of his story. 

“I motionless to take my box to hearing formed on tangible innocence,” Pillault tells me, “but was sensitive by my court-appointed profession that a law during that time merely staid that if a difference are spoken, it is a crime. So we waited in jail about 9 months before we indeed pleaded guilty, given we was unequivocally determined, though motionless a contingency of self-assurance were too high.” 

Pillault does not repudiate that he done those threats. As he pronounced in his video, “I trolled him, went as tough as we could to get a greeting out of him, and we incidentally done a supervision very, unequivocally upset.” However, it was only a bad fun to him. Pillault maintains that he never had any goal to act on a threats. “I do not and have never had any goal of murdering a tellurian being,” he said. 

Pillault’s box has been compared to that of Justin Carter, a 19-year-old Texan who was charged with origination a militant jeopardy after he told a Facebook crony that he was “going to go fire adult a propagandize full of kids and eat their still, violence hearts.” Carter was imprisoned, that sparked an conflict in youthful probity travelling mixed years and petitions. In comparison, Pillault’s case, a resources of that bear a conspicuous similarity to Carter’s, was comparatively quiet. 

If you’ve ever used a internet, you’re informed with this kind of behavior. The entrance and anonymity that online communication provides creates it easy for people, generally immature people, to get indignant and make unfortunate statements. Online culture, quite where it intersects with videogames, has a story of—putting it mildly—regrettable statements. Game developers are customarily barraged by genocide threats, passionate nuisance and other sinister messages. You don’t have to demeanour unequivocally hard: a makers of No Man’s Sky, Mass Effect: Andromeda, Minecraft, Call of Duty and large other games have perceived genocide threats following unpopular changes or decisions. 

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games was bombarded with genocide threats when a diversion was behind in May 2016.

Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens all a time. However, Pillault’s box stands out given of a justification that led to his inordinately serious sentence.

The FBI examined Pillault’s mechanism and, according to a box file, found “numerous papers regarding to a origination of bombs and other bomb devices.” The record says his mechanism also had folders containing cinema and information about a Columbine sharpened and several sequence killers. Additionally, a FBI pronounced his YouTube story showed that Pillault had searched for a diversion called “Super Columbine Massacre RPG,” as good as “instructions on how to make a sawed-off shotgun and information about Molotov cocktails.” 

Super Columbine Massacre RPG was expelled in Apr 2005. Developed regulating RPG Maker, a 16-bit turn-based RPG recreates a suggested shooting: we play as gunmen Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold and conflict enemies like “Preppy Girl” and “Jock Type” regulating guns and explosives. Its retro visuals are peppered with digitized photographs taken from coverage of a shooting, including images of Harris and Klebold. Super Columbine Massacre RPG was widely criticized on release, with many arguing that it exploits and trivializes tragedies like Columbine. Similar games have run into a same criticisms in new years. Hatred, an isometric movement diversion about a mass murderer, was pulled from Steam Greenlight in 2014, though after backed following a personal reparation from Gabe Newell. More recently, Active Shooter, a tactical FPS about propagandize shootings, as good as all else from a developer and publisher—respectively Revived Games and Acid—was removed from Steam

Active Shooter

Pillault tells me that a other justification generally came from a content record he’d downloaded called Jolly Roger’s Cookbook, a declaration identical to a some-more famous Anarchist Cookbook. Pillault says he was never meddlesome in bomb-making techniques, though was instead after information like how to diversion vending machines or penetrate phones. A discerning demeanour during a list of essence of Jolly Roger’s Cookbook shows that such topics are indeed included. 

As for a files on Columbine and sequence killers, Pillault says researching such tragedies is standard for a march in his family. “Most of my family has been in rapist probity or law propagandize in one form or another,” he pronounced in his video. “Since we was a comparatively immature child, we’ve discussed killers and sequence killers. We were always kind of extraordinary what could go so wrong in a person’s life to make them consider that this was OK. we had no goal of anticipating out for myself what it competence feel like to do these things to other people. we only had a bit of an seductiveness in a macabre.” 

Pillault’s mother, Stacy Harkins, upheld this in a Mar 2018 talk with The Outline. “The same approach other families plead whatever their hobbies are, that was like a hobby,” she said. 

Nevertheless, dual of Pillault’s ex-girlfriends testified opposite him. Both pronounced that Pillault was generally spooky with Columbine, and that he had designed out how he would conflict Oxford High in a notebook. Pillault again denied this, and when he testified, he “stipulated to a fact that no weapons, bombs, agitator substances, materials that could be used to make bombs, or drawings of conflict plans” were found in his house. He also validated that he and a other actor had only been “trolling” any other, that he tangible as “saying pointless things to upset” people.


Carter and Pillault’s cases are not singular or isolated. People have always been drifting and meaningless with their difference online—perhaps some-more so currently than in 2012 when Pillault was arrested. Just this week, Battalion 1944 actor SUSPC7 threatened to fire adult a studio of developer Bulkhead Interactive—going to so distant as to anxiety the new YouTube HQ shooting—because he hadn’t perceived a singular arms skin he won in a tournament. When confronted, as you’d expect, SUSPC7 pronounced “it was only a joke.” Of course, even when there is no vigilant to act on it, origination this kind of jeopardy is never funny. Bulkhead staid a occurrence with an forever improved joke, so it never went to a police. 

One of Pillault’s girlfriends came adult when we spoke with him. He was explaining his story of piece abuse (in his video, he says he was dipsomaniac when he done a threats), and told me that he had “a unequivocally kind and amatory girlfriend” who he “had manipulated into being an enabler” of his ethanol and drug addictions. At a time he done a threats, Pillault says his alcoholism was “at a lowest indicate and was very, unequivocally brutal.” 

Pillault says he began abusing ethanol and pot when he was 14. By 15, he was regulating heroin and several pain pills. By 16, he was “regularly holding absolute pain pills and psychedelics such as mushrooms and LSD.” At 17, he became “very badly dependant to inhalants.” 

He also entered rehab for a initial time when he was 17 (since his recover from prison, he’s begun attending Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings). “This was when we initial attempted to stop drinking, that is a highway we have swerved opposite for many years now,” he says. But rehab didn’t stick, and by a time he was 19, Pillault “was abusing drug and psychedelics, speed and inhalants, positively anything we could get my hands on.” 

Battalion 1944 Bulkhead Interactive gave SUSPC7 a doctrine in comedy with this custom-made skin.

“Addiction was a vital partial of my inclement mindset during a time of my arrest,” he tells me. “I have never claimed we was a ideal male in those days. Far from it: we was intensely discontented with a approach my life was headed. But murder and mayhem never once crossed my mind, that was never an answer to me.” 

Of course, we know how a justice ruled. The charge pushed for a six-level enhancement, that resulted in Pillault’s extensive sentence. Pillault appealed his box on a drift that a judgment unsuccessful to comment for “the inlet and resources of a offense,” though it never gimlet fruit. Not prolonged after his interest failed, he was sent to his second prison.  

Pillault says he spent many of his judgment reading and personification music. “All of a prisons we attended had low-pitched apparatus programs and any had a rope room,” he pronounced in his video. “I spent many hours personification instruments—drums, bass, piano, guitar. we also review approximately 1,000 books, many of them mixed times. I’ve got each singular fact of a whole Harry Potter array memorized.”

“I review a journal of Malcom X, that was a unequivocally successful book on my life,” he said. “He pronounced ‘turn your dungeon into your propagandize and your monastery.’ we was perplexing to demeanour during it as a form of self-improvement, and we unequivocally consider we did get my mind together in there, and in a lot of ways that we competence not have during such a immature age were it not for my incarceration. Don’t get me wrong: I’ll never appreciate a prosecutor and decider for what they did to me … To be honest, it ate my essence out of my chest. Prison is demoralizing, it is heartbreaking, and it is brutal.” 

Old School Runescape

Even withdrawal jail wasn’t easy. “I fundamentally laid around doing nothing,” Pillault tells me, “scared of saying my aged friends due to their disastrous habits and a things we had during stake, returning once a week to take a [urine test] during a median residence and receiving pointless visits from them.” But with assistance from a folks during Dismas Charities Residential Re-Entry, who Pillault can’t contend adequate good things about, he’s solemnly been removing behind on his feet. 

Pillault is now 25, a (relatively) giveaway man, and staying with his mom once again. He’s training to drive. He skeleton to start college this year, that he hopes will assistance him find a career in a song industry. He’d also like to dally in YouTube while he looks for a some-more fast job. And yes, he’s still personification Runescape (now Old School Runescape). 

“I wish to continue attending AA and NA meetings and make certain that we never get behind where we was, given a clarity that we managed to find by imagining and introspection during my time jailed has given me an wholly new opinion on life,” Pillault says. “I’m not 100 percent certain about a longer-term desires, though leisure is during a core of them, given we would jeopardy a theory that we value it some-more than a normal American 20-something.”

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