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Welcome to IGN’s Guide to Resident Evil 7 Biohazard. This beam will try to see we by a immorality that dwells in a Baker home, and indicate out all a Items, Weapons, and Collectibles along a way. The second partial of a beam contains information on The Main House – a second place we try in RE7 after a Guest House.

Upon waking, you’ll be theme to a unequivocally outrageous feast – yet hey, during slightest we got your member back? After a lot of menacing, yelling, and violence, a Baker family will leave we strapped to a chair alongside a sleeping Grandma, withdrawal we to escape.

EditGet Out of a House

Video Guide: Main House (Part 3)

After violation out of a chair, you’ll have a possibility to try a Dining Area and Kitchen. Ignore a sleeping woman, and if we wish to see what they were perplexing to feed you, check out a fridge and concomitant notes. Also in a kitchen, demeanour for a rabble can with a Herb adhering out and squeeze it. If we demeanour during your inventory, you’ll find a useful watch we were extrinsic with does a good office of checking your stream health – immature is good, red is bad! Be certain to check a Home-improvement Store Receipt around a kitchen conflicting for File #4.

The adjoining Living Room has Handgun Ammo in a drawer in a distant corner, and be certain to note a vast time blank a pendulum. You can even check behind a speakers circuitously a tv mount for a Herb. There’s also a Newspaper Article – Missing People, that depends as File #5 and a book to check, yet that’s about it for this area. The doorway behind a kitchen leads to a vast Pantry with a sealed induce on a floor, and in a dilemma we can find a foot (inspecting it will expose a name “Eveline”). Remember a induce – it’s your approach out.

Now it’s time to conduct into a prolonged corridor outward a Dining Area. On a left is a doorway to a garage, and serve past is another sealed drawer. There’s also a box during a opening to a Garage that could mangle – if we had something hefty. The doorway to a Garage itself is sealed and a row can’t be non-stop either. On a right past a private staircase is another prolonged gymnasium – a Hatch Key on a distant side on a tiny table. The problem is as shortly as we pierce down a hall, Daddy Baker will seem with a trowel restraint your path. You’ll need to let him follow we behind into a dining room (grandma has passed by this point). If he tries to spin we around, discerning spin behind and keep sprinting as most as we can. Let him pound adult a list as we evasion around him behind into a hall.

Trying again for a pivotal during a finish of a hall, he’ll detonate by a wall and give we a approach behind into a room with a sealed hatch. Once again, lead him on a happy follow behind into a kitchen and by a room he damaged so we can get a key. If you’re discerning enough, he won’t follow down a distant hall, that has a exuberant sealed doorway to a Main Hall and a passed end. You’ll need to mount behind into a room with a Hatch and transparent it before crawling inside as shortly as possible.

Now you’re underneath a floorboards so to speak, relocating by sand and rubbish underneath a main house, so keep relocating brazen (Mr. Baker can’t get we here). As we pierce underneath a floor, demeanour for a vast red lawnmower on a left, and check it to find Antique Coin #2 fibbing on a side of it.

Arriving during a other finish of a thoroughfare you’ll find yourself in a new Safe Room – a Laundry Room. It has all a amenities we could wish – a Tape Recorder to save, a phone, and even an Item Box storage section with a driver’s permit and minute from Mia we had. Keep them in there for now, and reason onto your herb. Speaking of which, check a record cupboard to a left to find Chem Fluid and another Herb. You can mix a dual to form First Aid Med, that is most improved than a Herb on a own. Next to a door, demeanour for an orange box and check it to find a Lockpick inside. This can be used to collect elementary thatch – yet breaks easily. Also note a bobblehead in a room. That’s a Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead, and destroying these statuettes is another form of Collectible – once we find something that can mangle them.

As we open a doorway to leave, a phone behind we should ring. The obscure tourist we spoke to progressing will tell we that we should try to leave around a Main Hall – a one that was sealed by a exuberant doorway with a Centaur Emblem.

EditGet to a Main Hall

If we want, we can use a Lockpick on a sealed drawer conflicting a Garage opening to find a First Aid Med bottle inside. See a window subsequent to a sealed drawer? Head behind into a Dining Room, and we should start conference a knocking noise. Return to a window to find a military officer snooping around. He doesn’t entirely trust your story, yet asks that we accommodate him in a Garage – and customarily gives we a Knife to get we going. It’s not a gun, yet it’s what we need right now. Return to a Garage opening and mangle a box to find some-more Handgun Ammo, afterwards conduct to a taped adult row and condense that detached too.

As we enter a Garage, your review with a officer will be tragically interrupted as we find yourself sealed in mortal quarrel again. Your rivalry will start going to city on a physique of a officer – giving we time to do dual pivotal things: Grab a G17 Handgun on a building behind a officer, towards a core of a room, and squeeze a keys to a automobile on a workbench over to a right. As shortly as we squeeze a Car Keys, scurry to a automobile and enter, and afterwards discerning gun a ignition. If we aren’t discerning enough, you’ll be dragged out of a automobile and pounded – and your enemy can do vast damage. Guns won’t kill him, yet they can stop his assign for a bit, and ammo can be found to left of a doorway we entered. If we need health, there’s Chem Fluid in one of a lockers on a distant right, and a First Aid Med bottle in a other locker by a garage door. Be warned, if we take too prolonged to get into a car, Jack will do it instead and things will get unequivocally bad.

Once in a automobile and it’s been incited on, you’ll have to discerning angle a automobile to face your competition and impel into him during full force. Keep doing this any time he gets behind up, and behind adult as most as we can to angle yourself improved for a subsequent charge. Eventually he’ll burst on tip of a automobile and dump in to assistance drive we on a collision march – that you’ll thankfully survive. However, a conflict isn’t over, as Jack will yield out of a disadvantage unequivocally most on fire. You’ll have a few moments to deflect for yourself – where headshots can stop his swell adequate until a automobile explodes and he finally goes down. You’ll notice a ladder has depressed down in front of a workbench, mount it – customarily to be stopped nonetheless again, yet this time we can finish it with a lift of a trigger.

Up in a rafters, demeanour left to find some Shotgun Shells, and afterwards right to find a shelf with a Ox Statuette embedded in a frame. Unscrew it from a behind to squeeze a physique of a statuette – that looks a lot like a Centaur Emblem sealing a Main Hall. To leave a Garage, lift a shelf aside to dump down on a other side.

Now would be a good time to save, so lapse to a Laundry Room to use a Tape Recorder, and don’t forget that we can now destroy Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #1. Now conduct down a corridor behind to a Main Hall door, and demeanour during a barricaded trail past a doorway to destroy Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #2, and demeanour subsequent in a dilemma to find Gunpowder. Use a Ox Statuette to open a door, and enter a Main Hall.

EditGet The 3 Dog Heads

Video Guide: Main House (Part 4)

Things are never as easy as they seem – given a front doorway is also sealed with a symbol of a three-headed dog. As we check it, a phone circuitously will ring, and your new crony will tell we to get out during all costs. Very helpful.

Be certain to check a drawer to a left of a phone to find Antique Coin #3. To a left of that is a cupboard stealing Gunpowder, and to a right of a doorway we came in by is Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #3, customarily vagrant to be shot, along with an Herb. Opposite a side we can find a tiny closet underneath a stairs with Chem Fluid. To a left of a closet is a tiny list along a wall holding Newspaper Article – Over 20 Missing People, that is File #6.

There’s a lot to take in for this room – between a sealed front doorway with a blank Dog Heads, a other doorway circuitously sealed with a Scorpion Emblem, a tiny side room with a projection arrangement on a portrayal blank a hawk, a behind room where a statue binds as shotgun that seals if we try and take it. The upstairs is equally as puzzling, with a doorway to a Master Bedroom sealed with a lizard nailed to a door. Grandma Baker competence even be adult here examination we – yet she’s indeed harmless.

One thing we can do is note a time on a initial building that looks matching to a one in a Living Room. Inspect it to squeeze a Pendulum, and take it to a Living Room. Place a pendulum in a time and it will disappear to give we a White Dog’s Head, one of a 3 Dog Head Emblems instead. That’s one down.

Next up, conduct to a second building of a Main Hall, and cranky to enter into a subsequent hallway. The longs halls spin a Recreation Room and Grandma’s room, yet there’s a few things to check before streamer in. The gymnasium on a outdoor patio lets we see opposite a front yard to a trailer and another residence – and we competence even mark Marguerite erratic a yard with her lantern (she can’t get to we now). Where we enter, demeanour behind a hideaway for an Herb. At a finish of a patio is a brittle box with Handgun Ammo, and a sealed apparatus chest (it binds Shotgun Shells). Down a other gymnasium towards a Bathroom we can find a drawer with Chem Fluid, and another drawer circuitously a core Rec Room doorway binds a Herb. You competence be tempted to check a Bathroom first, yet it’s best we save it for later.

The Rec Room is sincerely vast and has a few critical equipment to check out. You can’t get into Grandma’s Room – yet we can mark another shotgun inside, this is important. To a right of a sealed doorway is Handgun Ammo inside a wastebasket.

To a left, subsequent to a bronze statue is Antique Coin #4, subsequent to Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #4 stealing in a basket. Underneath a bust of a ram is Jack’s Memo – that serves asFile #8.

Check a bar conflicting subsequent to a TV to find Mia’s Tape. Before we watch it, make certain to try around a bar area. Behind a counter, demeanour in a drawer to find Jack’s Journal – that’s File #7. Finally, a party mount in a dilemma has a immature rabble bin we can open to find Gunpowder, and a difficult orange book on a list can be legalised to find a Blue Dog’s Head inside – a second of 3 emblems we need.

Once you’ve placed a second symbol and returned to a Rec Room, place Mia’s fasten in a VHS actor and get prepared for another interactive experience. Unlike a prior one, we can indeed “fail” a knowledge – given Marguerite will be chasing we by this area.

EditMia’s Tape

As shortly as we are means to move, lurch brazen in by a double doors of a Old House. Right as we enter, curve left and demeanour for another door, and go by and pierce right to cranky a vast room to another doorway on a distant side. You’ll be in a brief corridor with a vast bin on a left and a doorway on a right that’s jammed. The doorway left down a gymnasium will open shortly as Marguerite opens to demeanour for you. Quickly steep behind behind a bin and wait. Keep still as she pauses before a doorway subsequent to we and finally heads in. When she does, mount around a bin and conduct by a doorway she came in from.

You’ll enter another vast room with a light nonplus identical to a one in a Main Hall, yet there’s no time to waste, as Marguerite will follow shortly. Head to a patio and discerning steep off to a right – not a left. Ignore a welding flame looking object and censor behind a window as she comes to investigate. First she will come adult to a patio opening before branch back. Wait, and she’ll lapse to a balcony, this time entrance outside. When she turns left and starts to ramble adult to a edge, sensitively censor behind in by a doorway and lapse to a hallway.

Both doors are sealed here, so censor again behind a bin until Marguerite earnings and heads behind by a sealed door. Run behind to a room with a light nonplus and this time she won’t follow – vouchsafing we finally correlate with a puzzle. You need to emanate a spider from a sculpture, that will take some rambling and turning. It doesn’t need to be exact, yet it should line adult sincerely accurately before we press a accept symbol to exhibit a tip crawlspace.

This will lead we behind to a vast room we entered – yet you’ll be on a other side of a vast hole in a floor. You need to make for a top right side of a room, yet as shortly as we do, Marguerite will seem again. When we hear her voice, dump down behind a rubbish in a core of a room and keep them between we and her line of sight. Stay ease and studious and preference a right side as she solemnly works her approach around a left side. As she does, make a mangle for a distant right side where she came to find a crawlspace going underneath a Old House. Moving forward, a trail brazen will be unexpected blocked – and you’ll have customarily a few moments (note a design in a box on a right) before a lights go out, and a fasten ends with a thespian conclusion.

Now that we know a bit some-more about a Old House and what happened to Mia, it’s time to find that final Dog Head Emblem. Inside a Bathroom, there’s some-more Handgun Ammo underneath a sink, and we can find Antique Coin #5 in a toilet. The bathtub is full of black goop, yet removal it somewhat will let we squeeze a Wooden Statuette – not distinct a one we saw (and used) as Mia.

As we go to leave – surprise! – theory who’s not passed and still happy to see you! You’ll be tossed to a other side of a cylinder as your personal unkillable nemesis starts relocating around to attack. Sprint around a other side and out a door, origination for a Main Hall. If we are quick, we can remove him by a time we get to a Main Hall, and he won’t follow. If we aren’t discerning enough, you’ll need to keep regulating – preferably to your one and customarily protected room inside a Laundry Room – before unctuous behind to a Main Hall.

One easy approach of disrupting Jack’s office is to captivate him around a cylinder and afterwards run out of a lavatory to take an evident left, dropping by a damaged vituperation where a stairs used to be. You shouldn’t take any repairs from a fall.

You won’t be means to correlate with a shade nonplus so prolonged as Jack is in a Main Hall with you, that means we competence have to lead him on a happy follow before ducking behind to a Main Hall before he can follow. If he’s in a Main Hall yet hasn’t speckled you, we can also try stealing in a alcove with a shade nonplus until he eventually kicks open a doorway and leaves a room – enabling we to start a puzzle.

Like a nonplus in Mia’s tape, substitute a statuette until it forms a severe figure of a hawk and press A when it’s mostly aligned. This will open adult a tip crawlspace vouchsafing we slip into a Drawing Room – and thankfully he won’t follow. In this room, we can find Psychostimulants on a table, useful for anticipating equipment easier. Inside a fridge is Chem Fluid, and there’s also a Herb in a plant by a dilemma of a room, and Handgun Ammo subsequent a pressed deer, as good as some-more ammo in a drawer by a fireplace, and nonetheless some-more in a brittle bin by a sealed Crow Door, and even Shotgun Shells behind a portrayal disposition opposite a wall.

Speaking of a Crow Door, there’s a unequivocally good looking arms inside we can’t get to yet, yet we can take a strike during Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #5 in a opening by a door.

Head by a customarily unbarred doorway into a workroom. The whiteboard has an engaging drawing, as good as a note. The list has another sealed toolbox (also holding Shotgun Shells), and Antique Coin #6 is in a ashtray. The skinny shelf trays in a dilemma censor Gunpowder, and there’s also another orange tin on a shelf to a right – yet opening it customarily reveals lots and lots of worms and maggots. Nice. Head by a black moldy looking doorway into an even moldier looking room and be on guard. As we pierce into a room, one of The Molded will noise out of a black gunk and arise to conflict you. Go for a conduct shots if we can to delayed it down, and watch out for a lunging charge. They customarily take a integrate shots to down, yet you’ll still need to be careful.

Leave a room to enter a corridor heading behind to a Scorpion Door we found in a Main Hall – still locked. Instead, take a right down a subsequent gymnasium and note a stairs down to a basement, yet check a other room instead to find your subsequent Safe Room! Save during a Tape Recorder, accumulate neglected equipment like Mia’s Tape and whatnot, and be certain to check a cupboard for Handgun Ammo, and a drawer underneath a vinyl actor for Travis’ Memo per a final dog conduct emblem, that is also File #9. You can check a behind of a note for File #10 The sealed drawer that binds handgun ammo will have to wait.

EditHead to a Dissection Room

Video Guide: Main House (Part 5)

Take a stairs down and enter a black goopy halls that make adult a Processing Area. Knowing what we do about a black goop, have your handgun prepared as we spin a corners, as one of a Molded waits over adult and will lurch around a corner. Backpedal while overwhelming it with shots to a conduct and it will fall.

There’s a doorway around a dilemma that leads to a Incinerator Room, yet reason off entering for a impulse and keep encircling a halls. Up brazen is a sealed Workshop door, and another unbarred doorway on a left before a vast harsh we can lift aside to lead behind to a room on a other side of a initial sealed doorway in a Processing Area. Unlock a doorway from this side, and delicately try a room. On a left is a Processing Area Map, and dual crates reason Handgun Ammo, and a Herb on a bottom shelf behind some pallets.

Before going any further, check a wall to a left of where we got a map, and demeanour for a tiny brownish-red hole subsequent to a pallet – bootlick down and you’ll find Antique Coin #7. Further in a room are bags of strength – and a Scorpion Key lies on a core table! There’s also a Lockpick fibbing in a freezer, a Herb in one of a cages, and a Treasure Photo on a shelves by a pots and pans. It points behind to a grate in a Drawing Room upstairs – where we can expose a fake stone to obtain Steroids – that boost your max health permanently!

Finally, there’s Chem Fluid by a stairs going down deeper into a Processing Area, heading to a sealed Snake Door (but we can squeeze a Psychostimulants by a door, and mangle Mr. Everywhere Bobblehead #6, and demeanour for shotgun shells on a shelf).

Note that if we squeeze a Scorpion Key, some-more Molded will seem – one dropping from a ceiling, another will form outward on a gymnasium behind to a Safe Room. Checking a Incinerator Room out, demeanour for a Incinerator Room Memo (File #11). It mentions a male kept in a leftmost incinerator. Make certain to also demeanour underneath a initial list for Strong Chem Fluid. Moving into a room, watch for one of a Molded descending from above, and afterwards check a incinerator noted “Travis” – yet it’s locked. The note mentioned opening it compulsory “three a’s and a handprint” so check all a shelves to find names trustworthy to each. None of a names have 3 a’s, yet if we open a distant right shelf it has a name “Tamara” inside. Keep it open, and open a incinerator with a red handprint as well. This unlocks a final shelf, and opening it exhibit a newly Molded Travis. He’s a bit stronger than a rest, and uses his vast arm to retard attacks to a face. Still, it acts most a same – use headshots, and be certain to retard if we have to so we can revoke repairs taken. With Travis put to rest, hunt his incinerator for a Dissection Room Key, and leave.

Now that we have a Scorpion Key – it’s time to get a Shotgun. Head behind to a Main Hall, and try to equivocate Jack as we conduct adult to a Rec Room on a second floor. Inside, use a pivotal to open a doorway to Grandma’s Room. Be warned – Jack can still follow we here, and can even see we from a window. Now we can squeeze a Broken Shotgun here, and lapse to a Main Hall and barter it with a genuine M37 Shotgun behind during a Main Hall to finally understanding some damage. While in Grandma’s Room, be certain to check around on a dresser for a Memo About Relief (File #12). There’s dentures in a drawer subsequent (yech) and Handgun Ammo in a cabinet. Be certain to check a dresser circuitously for Chem Fluid, shotgun shells on a bed, and a circuitously drawer for a Doctor’s Letter (File #13). There’s also Burner Ammo stashed subsequent a cupboard – yet you’ll have to accumulate it now given we don’t have a Burner. Remember that your shotgun takes adult a lot some-more register space, and ammo is singular (the sealed toolboxes have some some-more shells) so quarrel wisely.

Stock adult on ammo and health, and conduct into a room circuitously a Factory doorway to make a Boiler Room. Descend a stairs delicately and demeanour around to a left for a bathtub with Handgun Ammo. Ease solemnly around a dilemma as one of a enemies is in a subsequent gymnasium and will shortly mark you. However if we pierce too distant up, another will seem behind we where we grabbed a handgun ammo. If we get caught, a Shotgun competence be a good apparatus here, differently we can captivate a initial assailant behind to a stairs, afterwards trigger a second assailant during your leisure. Be certain to squeeze a Chem Fluid in a cylinder by a corner, and conduct adult a tiny stairs to squeeze a Herb before a Boiler Room.

Inside a Boiler Room are several some-more enemies, one customarily sneaking customarily to a left. A shotgun blast should now kill it during tighten range, after that it’s to steep to a side before regulating behind to a doorway or further, as dual some-more will give chase. Again, if we mount your belligerent a shotgun competence be better, differently shelter to a other room and use a stretch to your advantage. Luckily there’s some-more Shotgun Shells in a Boiler Room, and a cupboard circuitously a distant doorway has Strong Chem Fluid. Use a Dissection Room Key to benefit entrance into a subsequent hallway.

Your aged companion a military officer has been strung adult here on a other side of a shelves, and customarily before we is a final symbol a Red Dog’s Head! Of course, removing it proves to be a small some-more difficult as Jack appears to take it first. Be certain to check a locker on a right for some-more most indispensable Shotgun Shells.

EditGet a Dog’s Head from Jack

Head down a staircase and squeeze a Herb and Shotgun Shells. Consider that an denote of things to come as we conduct by a vast doors into a Morgue. You’ll see a vast cover on a other side of a gate, instead conduct adult a stairs. You can check a doorway on a right to troubadour on a bad deputy, and demeanour underneath a circuitously shelf to find Chem Fluid. Back out in a Morgue, note a unresolved physique we can flog – this is indeed important. The final Red Dog’s Head Emblem lies tantalizingly in perspective – if we wish to squeeze one some-more item, there’s Gunpowder down subsequent a stairs where a sealed Snake Door is. Grabbing a symbol will trigger Jack to expose adult for one some-more grand and terrifying fight.

As Jack kicks we into a locus that creates adult a morgue – note that there’s no approach out, and your customarily obstacles are a singular executive post surrounded by unresolved bodies. These bodies are pivotal to putting Jack off balance, vouchsafing we get in a shot, or run to a opposite vantage point. It does take impulse to land a kick, and it competence not let we flog from any angle – customarily be discerning and try your best to time it right so he staggers back, and follow adult with a shotgun blast to a face. You can’t kill him this way, obviously, yet we do need to understanding repairs to him to get him mad. Make certain your shotgun hits count given we wish to finish this proviso discerning – it’ll take some-more pistol shots to get this way. If he stabs you, glow behind to make him dump you. Deal adequate damage, and he’ll dump his weapon, and get unequivocally unequivocally mad.

In theatre two, Jack will spin around and demeanour for his mutated chainsaw that sits behind a sequence fence. He’ll start ripping behind a blockade to squeeze his disagreeable origination – yet note a customary Chainsaw sitting right subsequent to it. As shortly as he grabs his, you’ll be transparent to squeeze a other one – squeeze it and get some distance. What follows subsequent is a dangerous chainsaw swordfight as we strife opposite Jack. Hitting him head-on proves reduction effective as he’ll retard your blows or even strife before knocking we back. Instead, keep regulating those physique bags to substitute him and follow adult with a chainsaw conflict or two, afterwards behind off to try again. He’ll mostly pitch extravagantly from side to side for a integrate swings, or assign brazen before behaving a cut – you’ll wish to run from these attacks, or use your Block symbol to lessen a incoming damage, differently you’ll be regulating a lot of First Aid Meds fast.

Keep distinguished during him from a sides or behind, or when he’s staggered, and eventually you’ll cut right down his face in a hideous display. The fight’s not over yet – he’ll renovate after a few moments, that is your evidence to lay in a attacks while he’s dumbfounded and perplexing to renovate his face. When he gets behind up, behind adult and continue a quarrel carefully. Eventually he’ll get insane and destroy a pillar, withdrawal we with customarily a physique bags that he can infrequently cut down as well. Note that we can also “aim” and reason conflict to do a continual chainsaw assign conflict that is best used when he can’t strike back. You also need to keep an eye on a flashing light on your chainsaw. If it blinks red, we need to “reload” by revving it adult again, during that we should be gripping any obstacles between we and him and regulating a other direction. As prolonged as we keep dire a conflict when his face gets chewed off, you’ll eventually land a large finisher, and Jack will go down – hopefully for good.

EditResident Evil 7 Madhouse Difficulty walkthrough partial 2 – The Main House – All Collectibles Included/No Damage

EditResident Evil 7 Madhouse Difficulty walkthrough partial 3 – Jack Baker Boss Battle – All Collectibles Included/ No Damage

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