Lugia Will Be Easier to Catch in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is assisting players who didn’t locate Lugia during a initial coming in a game.

Yesterday, Pokemon Go announced that Lugia would lapse to a diversion for a second time from Mar 16th by Apr 2nd armed with a “newly improved” Sky Attack.’s essay about a proclamation also remarkable that Lugia would be “easier to catch” than a initial time it seemed final summer.

Lugia now has a bottom constraint rate of 2%, that means that players usually have a 1 in 50 possibility of throwing Lugia if they strike it with a Premier Ball with no bonuses. While bend round bonuses, Golden Razz Berries, medals, and accurate throws can all urge a contingency of throwing Lugia, players still usually have about a 17% possibility of capturing Lugia even with maxed out bonuses.

Notably, Lugia had a reduce locate rate than a other Legendary Birds it seemed with, so many players had problem throwing it when it initial seemed in a diversion final summer. A aloft locate rate would inspire those players to conduct out and take another run during capturing this absolute Pokemon.

Pokemon Go hasn’t strictly updated Lugia’s locate rate yet, so we still don’t know how most easier Lugia will be to locate when arrives after today. Game developers also haven’t updated Sky Attack’s repairs rate, so we’re not certain how most stronger a conflict will be and either this new Sky Attack relates to only Lugia or all Pokemon.

In addition, a Japanese Pokemon website simplified that Lugia’s coming in Pokemon Go is a tie in graduation with a arriving Pokemon a Movie: Everyone’s Story. The new Pokemon film will underline Lugia as a executive character, and a Pokemon Company is giving divided a special Lugia for Pokemon Sun and Moon or Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon to fans that pre-order film tickets.


If you’re looking to constraint Lugia for a initial time, be certain to bucket adult your group with absolute Rock-Type Pokemon like Golem, Tyranitar, and Rhydon. Since Lugia will have Sky Attack as a assign move, players won’t have to worry about their Rock-Type Pokemon removing wiped out by a singular Hydro Pump attack.

Lugia will arrive in Pokemon Go later currently and will sojourn in a diversion by Apr 2nd.

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