Lugia entrance to Pokémon Ultra Sun and Moon to applaud a new …

Japanese Pokémon players could shortly be adding another mythological Pokémon onto their team.

A trickle from CoroCoro repository suggests that Lugia will be accessible to players who possess a duplicate of Pokémon Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, or Ultra Moon when they prebook tickets for a arriving Pokémon movie, Everyone’s Story. CoroCoro, a monthly Japanese manga magazine, has suggested disdainful information on up-and-coming Pokémon games for years.

Screengrab around [Serebii](

The codes will be redeemable until Sept. 30, giving players copiousness of time to download their special Lugia to a diversion of their choice.

This Lugia will be during turn 100 when downloaded and comes with a dark ability Multiscale, that reduces a repairs taken from cinema by half while during limit HP. The Lugia’s moveset will embody Aeroblast, Defog, Tailwind, and Hurricane, that is a pierce Lugia can’t routinely learn by leveling up.

Screengrab around [Serebii](

For a time being, a formula will usually be accessible to Japanese players or those who see a film in Japan.

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