Looks Like Stefanie Joosten Is In Death Stranding’s Latest Trailer

Tokyo Game Show 2018 was a good arise for Hideo Kojima to exhibit a code new trailer for Death Stranding. Even yet a bit shorter than a usual, a trailer has some really good things to discuss.

First of all, it has been publicized as a trailer divulgence Troy Baker’s character, “The Man in a Golden Mask.” For some reason, he summons a outrageous quadruped that will conflict in a dedicated territory of a diversion Norman Reedus aka Sam, a protagonist.

Second, other actors have been reliable to be partial of a expel and several judgment humanities by Yoji Shinkawa have been revealed, extraordinary as usual. Among a new actors we have Tommie Earl Jenkins, who plays Sam’s boss.

The biggest news now is Kojima hid something in Death Stranding’s latest trailer, confirming really quickly that Stefanie Joosten, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain’s Quiet, is partial of a expel even yet that’s not been strictly stated.

In a trailer, she’s been carried on a behind by Sam, and we can really quickly see her face before a camera focuses again on a protagonist and on a male in a golden mask/his creature.

On tip of that, youtuber YongYea, who initial beheld Joosten in a video, sent her a twitter and, while she was again… err, quiet, her government group Micky MacTroy kind of confirmed with a thumbs up, a grin and a Dutch dwindle (the same dwindle that is in a trailer, on Stefanie’s character) in a retweet.

So that’s adequate for a confirmation, though we’ll see substantially during a after theatre either Stefanie Joosten’s impression will play a vital purpose in a story or if her participation in a diversion is only an easter egg for Kojima’s fans.

You can see a full trailer below.

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