London’s Overwatch group picks Spitfire trademark to honour "spirit of aplomb underneath fire"

That’ll mei-ke them proud.

Published 01/11/2017

London’s Overwatch League group has been named London Spitfire, “in loyalty to The Few who flew a Spitfire warplane opposite London’s enemies during in 1940s”.

“The Supermarine Spitfire was a name of a British warrior craft that was flown in a Royal Air Force, many famously during a Battle of Britain in World War 2,” Blizzard’s website states. “It is this suggestion of aplomb underneath glow that imbues a team’s identity.”

Cloud9, that owns London Spitfire and is a tellurian esports organisation, also suggested a team’s logo, a spitfire aircraft of course.

The RAF anxiety and blue of a trademark is also a curtsy to Overwatch’s illusory Royal Air Force Pilot, Lena “Tracer” Oxton.

“It is this suggestion of aplomb underneath glow that imbues a team’s identity,” Blizzard concluded. But of course, a glow a group will be underneath is some-more expected to be from fortifying a design indicate opposite frustrating Meis than valiantly fighting off a Luftwaffe.

London Spitfire is one of 12 city-based teams from around a universe competing in a central Overwatch joining and a usually European group on a roster.

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