Locked Up – The Prison RPG You Didn’t Know You Needed

Kickstarter is changing a proceed video games get saved and will be changing a landscape of indie gaming for years to come.  With success stories like We Happy Few and Psychonauts 2, we see peculiarity games entrance out of crowdsourcing and people now have a energy to account a games they wish to see, not only what hulk companies wish to make income from. Kickflip Studios is a new diversion studio in San Luis Obispo, California, shaped by CEO, Mark Price, and members of a primogenitor company, Devslopes. Devslopes is a digital record preparation height that has taught hundreds of thousands of people to formula and land jobs as programmers and diversion developers in a industry. So when KickFlip reached out to us to showcase their adult and entrance game, Locked Up, and we suspicion a judgment sounded overwhelming and we favourite a summary that came with these dual companies. Specifically that they wish to capacitate immature people to learn how to formula and emanate video games of their own. So when we checked out a Kickstarter for a game, it was transparent that Locked Up has a lot of intensity to be an movement packaged and sparkling new game.

Locked Up is “full of grit, brutality, and an unsettling story…an movement Prison RPG that will bearing players into an unknown universe where hurtful guards and aroused prisoners competence only be a slightest of their worries.”  Filled with mystery, this Prison RPG seems to have some uninformed ideas to inject into a gaming universe that is always looking for a subsequent large thing.  Locked Up seems singular and that it will be something people would like formed on a fact that there isn’t many other games like this on a market.

The game’s Kickstarter says that a Prison RPG is centralized around a impression who is “Framed for a crime we didn’t dedicate and detained for life…As a player, we contingency find a proceed to shun this clearly inflexible facility… Owned by a puzzling CorpX, a unconventional jail is nested in a oppressive Antarctic landscape, packed with defenses. The guards are armed to a teeth, and robots and drones unit a halls. You’ll have to contend with a whole jail hierarchy that could see we combative with a nemesis or trade prohibited with an fan during each turn. But underneath all of this, there’s a dim story to uncover, and it will be adult to you, a player, to learn a law about CorpX, and find thoroughfare divided from this place.”  Corporate secrets, hurtful guards and unconventional robots all sound like a recipe that could be sparkling and enchanting to many opposite kinds of gamers.

prison RPG

The diversion play seems to wish to give a actor a energy in who they turn in prison.  The “classes and ability trees” concede actor to select from a accumulation of styles of combat, including beast force, stealthiness, hacking drones and mechanism systems as good as a well-spoken talker who is tactful in situations that we competence face.  When forced to come to blows with an enemy, a team’s quarrel complement is “real-time and has similarities to Metal Gear Solid 1.”  Locked Up aims to give a reduction penetrate and condense proceed to a quarrel complement and concede for ideally timed hits to container some-more of a punch and concede a user to quarrel to their strengths.  Some of those strengths will come from crafting weapons and during other times, it will revolve around a relations we emanate and say by a Prison RPG.  Trading items, chatting with guards and severe others for energy will all be a partial of this ecosystem that we contingency adjust to.


locked up


If this diversion sounds like something that we would wish to play, a KickStarter debate is active until Jun 1st, 2017 and a group is now during $20,000 out of a $530,000 goal.  The perks for donors are flattering solid and embody a game, design and go all a proceed adult to carrying a restrained in a diversion modeled after you!  Slated to recover on Steam and GOG initial and eventually on Xbox One and PS4, developers pronounced to be on a surveillance for a beta late 2018 and a full recover someday shortly after that. Click here for a couple to a KickStarter and present today!  As someone who loves RPG games, this Prison RPG seems like something we would behind and wish to play.  If KickFlip Studios can broach on this singular and engaging premise, we consider Locked Up has a possibility to turn a subsequent successful Kickstarter corroborated game.

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