Literally be an Xbox by pre-ordering No Man’s Sky on Xbox One

Gamers who pre-order a earthy hoop version of No Man’s Sky from a U.K. games retailer, GAME, will be rewarded with an disdainful in-game object that will radically concede them to turn a walking, articulate Xbox.

The object itself, shown in a above image, is called a X.O Suit and is fundamentally usually an outfit for players to dress their avatar adult in. With online multiplayer entrance to No Man’s Sky on Xbox One in an refurbish after this month, a X.O Suit does reason a certain interest as it will concede players to mount out from others. Given that there will be no online crossplay between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 console owners though, it’s expected that usually other Xbox fans will be means to see this in action.

Bizarrely, this object does seem to be disdainful to a U.K. for a moment. We’ll refurbish date we on if it ever becomes accessible in other regions whenever that’s confirmed.

Would we pre-order a earthy chronicle of No Man’s Sky for this item? Share your thoughts with a village in a comments next and afterwards follow us on Pinterest for some-more Xbox content.

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