Linking your Pokémon GO account: how to play when PTC goes down

Several times this week, and many times given a launch of Pokemon Go, Trainers who creatively sealed adult with PTC (Pokemon Trainer Club) have been incompetent to record into a game. To assuage this problem, Niantic recently done it probable to couple your PTC comment to your Google and/or Facebook accounts, though it seems that many players are not transparent on a routine for successfully doing so.

Let us transparent adult any difficulty and assistance to make certain no one has to go by a disappointment of not being means to record into a diversion — here’s a finish routine for joining your Google and/or Facebook accounts to your existent PTC account.

Step 1: Find a setting

To start a comment joining process, we initial need to bucket adult your diversion and go into a settings:

Red round shows symbol to open Settings menu

Step 2: Linking time

Once you’re in a settings menu, corkscrew down to a territory that allows we to couple your Google and Facebook accounts:

Red round shows how a settings menu will demeanour once your Pokemon Go comment has been related to your Google and/or Facebook account.

A lot of difficulty seems to come from a fact that a Google and/or Facebook comment that we wish to couple mustn’t already be in use as a means of logging into any Pokemon Go account. If they are, you’ll need to emanate a new Google and/or Facebook comment and afterwards couple those ones instead. The login sum for that new Google and/or Facebook comment will afterwards be a ones we will use to record into Pokemon Go.

If you’re endangered about privacy, we advise we make a Google comment that will usually be used for this purpose.

Step 3: Wrapping it up

Once you’ve related a Google and/or Facebook comment we need to record out and afterwards record behind in regulating Google or Facebook – NOT PTC. This is since a diversion tries to automatically record we in regulating a use we were final logged in with, so if we were logged in with PTC and it goes down, we aren’t removing behind in until it’s fixed.

You should afterwards have no serve problems logging into a diversion if/when PTC subsequent goes down. If a above routine is still unsuccessful, greatfully hit @nianticsupport on Twitter.


Does Niantic have entrance to my Facebook profile?

No. Niantic has entrance usually to your elementary form information that’s compulsory for Facebook authentication to work.

Will we lax my comment if we unlink a login provider?

No. Login providers are not a same thing as your Pokémon GO account. Removing them only breaks a “link” between that use and your Pokémon GO account.

In technical terms, how does comment joining work?

Actually, a routine is utterly simple. Your Pokémon comment resides in Niantic’s database. Niantic is storing your Trainer ID, though also certified IDs from other services that can be used to record in: Google and Facebook during a moment. Upon logging in with any of those services, Niantic will demeanour adult their database for a user with that service’s ID, and if it exists, concede a login request.

A photorealistic digest of a engine in movement is accessible here:

Facebook login
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