LG Evil and Immortals lead a container as Overwatch Contenders’ NA tip 8 is finalized

After weeks of Overwatch contest play and with hundreds of teams eliminated, North America’s tip 8 squads for Overwatch Contenders Season Zero have been decided.

The tip dual teams from any of a tournament’s 4 groups have also cumulative themselves a mark in Overwatch Contenders’ Season One. Immortals, FaZe Clan, Luminosity Gaming Evil, Kungarna, Detroit Renegades, FNRGFE, Team Liquid, and EnVision will contest subsequent weekend for their share of a $50,000 esteem pool.

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Initial Group A favorites Selfless Gaming will not pierce on to a Overwatch Contenders playoffs, securing usually one win opposite a tournament’s organisation stage. Struggling to redeem from DPS actor Daniel “Dafran” Francesca’s Overwatch suspension, Selfless was incompetent to live adult to their former potential. Team Liquid and FaZe Clan used that encumber to their advantage to pull Selfless and Counter Logic Gaming to a bottom of a group.

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Group B saw LG Evil brush a organisation with a 6-0 win streak. Leagues above a rest of a associate organisation members, LG Evil is trailed by EnVision with dual wins, dual loses, and dual draws. Likewise, Immortals finished adult on tip of Group C but any loses after 5 wins and one draw. FNRGFE degraded Arc6—formerly famous as Yikes—to slip into second.

The night finished with fad as Kungarna and Cloud9 competed for a second container in Group D. Because Hammers Esports managed to take a few maps from Kungarna, Cloud9 and Kungarna finished adult tied for second. A best-of-three on Oasis was a final cause in who moves on—Kungarna or Cloud9—to a Overwatch Contenders playoffs.

Though Cloud9 looked clever on Oasis progressing in a day—actually wiping Kungarna on a map—the register was incompetent to tighten out a array after a 1-1 tie. Kungarna Zenyatta actor Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman came adult outrageous in a final scrappy teamfight to secure a purify adult on a constraint indicate to take a game-winning point.

Overwatch Contenders continues Jul 2 as a playoff joint kicks off. Playoffs for a European side of a contest will start Jul 1.

Image around Blizzard Entertainment

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