Lexington bladesmith practice village regard during ‘Forged in Fire’ watch party

LEXINGTON — Dustin Parrella’s Zulu fight mattock blade didn’t tarry when it was crushed into wooden ammo boxes Wednesday night.

But a regard of a adore and support a 31-year-old Lexington kinship iron workman and bladesmith gifted during a “Forged in Fire” watch celebration during The Local 97 will final distant over a hour-long renouned History Channel episode.

The renouned Lexington restaurant, bar and grille was packaged 90 mins before a uncover aired on each flat-screen TV in a establishment. 

Dustin Parrella, 31, a kinship iron workman and owners of a Blue Collar Forge in Lexington, was surrounded by family and friends Wednesday night during a watch celebration during The Local 97 to perspective “Forged in Fire” on a History Channel.

“It’s been incredible,” Parrella pronounced after finishing second among 4 competitors on a module available final August. “The adore of my friends, my family, even people whom we never met before … only entrance in and display adult tonight.

“I suspicion we was going to uncover adult early (on Wednesday) and get things set up. People were already display up,” he said.

“It’s strenuous … only a good feeling,” he pronounced after narrowly blank out on a $10,000 first-prize award.

THE COMPETITION: The 4 bladesmiths had 3 hours to forge a a blade, in this box a Japanese Ni-Mai Nata.

The 4 had to use high-carbon steel from hatchets and tomahawks granted by a program, as good as a lower-carbon steel from a show’s “pantry.”

Parrella, a 2007 connoisseur of Lexington High School and a Pioneer Career Technology center, survived a initial round, yet his finished blade had a bit of a curve.

Watching a episode, a bearded member of Ironworkers Local 550 listened as a throng of men, women and children during The Local during 97 cheered whenever he seemed on a screen.

“I am only reliving it … and meditative of things we could finished differently,” he pronounced of a uncover taped over 4 days Connecticut, not distant from New York City. “

Their work was evaluated and one of a four, a 23-year-old male who recently warranted his grade in automatic engineering was sent home.

Judges remarkable a diverge on Parrella’s blade, though pronounced “the steel is plain and a welds are solid.”

After that, Parrella and his dual remaining competitors were given dual hours to fit and finish a hoop for a blade.

Dustin Parrella heats a new blade during his Blue Collar Forge on Friday morning.

Dustin Parrella shapes a exhilarated blade on his anvil on Friday morning.


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