Let’s take a science debate of Overwatch’s new map, Petra

New maps have been a underline of Overwatch’s Anniversary eventuality given launch, and this year’s entrance into a diversion competence just have a few tiny science threads for us to follow.

Set in South Jordan and formed on a famous UNESCO World Heritage site good famous to fans of Indiana Jones and a Last Crusade, a new Petra map gives Deathmatch Mode fans a splendidly scenic and ancestral environment to exam their skills. However, a fun of a quarrel isn’t all that lies within Petra’s walls…

Within a turn itself, there are several tiny sum accidentally forsaken in, as a Overwatch team have a robe of doing in their emergent storytelling style. We’re treated to some datapads, emails, a few new names, and what appears to be a new coterie or organization in a Overwatch world.

Whether it’s additional flavour, or maybe something to do with Overwatch’s subsequent new hero, we shouldn’t have prolonged to wait. Given a timeline of Overwatch’s updates over a final dual years, we can roughly to see a new favourite on a PTR in only over a month’s time – with teasers starting towards a finish of June. Could “Blaise”, a name forsaken on a bag in one of Petra’s camps, be a probable candidate?

After carrying a bit of a contemplate after releasing this video, we determine with commenters and science sleuths that it’s distant some-more expected a “Ioannidis” mentioned in one terminal’s email sum is an Ilios-based scientist, rather than being on-site during Petra.

Still, that leaves us a poser of who “Blaise” competence be…

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