Legendary Raid Rewards Got Nerfed In ‘Pokémon GO,’ And People Are Not Happy

Credit: Niantic.

Lugia in Pokemon GO.

At this point, it seems flattering clear: Legendary Raids, still a many essential activity in Pokémon GO, seem to have been nerfed. Research on Silph Road and a ton of anecdotal justification advise that dual things have happened. First, Niantic reduced a altogether rewards perceived from completing a Legendary Raid to be usually somewhat aloft altogether than a Tier-4 Raid. Second, a developer introduced Potions into a esteem pool alongside some-more fascinating prizes like Rare Candy and Golden Razzberries, dwindling a altogether chances of removing a good stuff. As approaching with prerogative nerfs, a village is removing flattering salty, generally among those who shelled out genuine income for Raid Passes with certain expectations that now aren’t being met. For some players it seems to have gotten flattering bad: we haven’t gifted this personally, though there are copiousness of stories on Reddit about removing 0 though Potions and Revives after holding down a absolute Lugia. Which sounds disheartening.

Here’s a standard Reddit Post:was more than happy to gamble with Raid Passes and get some TMs (from time to time) though unequivocally accept Rare Candy and Golden Razz berries. Nowadays all we seem to get are potions. I already have mixed birds of any species, so to me we was going Raiding to a) assistance people who don’t have them yet, and b) to collect a equipment listed above, that we didn’t mind spending real-life income on.”

One partial of a nerf that’s quite frustrating is a miss of Golden Razzberries, which are some-more or reduction essential for throwing whatever Legendary you’re questing after in your Raids. we now have somewhere north of 70 Golden Razzberries since of a prior dump rates, though that series will fundamentally dump down to 0 if I’m blazing some-more Razzberries throwing Legendaries than I’m removing from violence them. Other players are already stating not carrying adequate Golden Razzberries to unequivocally pierce forward, creation a awaiting of throwing destiny Legendaries even slimmer than it already was. You could, of course, solve this problem by gripping a reduced Golden Razzberry rates though augmenting a locate rate for a Legendary Pokémon, though this will never happen, for some reason.

The miss of Rare Candies presents a vast problem too, since they’re some-more or reduction essential to powering adult a Pokémon that can’t be held outward of Raids and generally consecrate a many manly prerogative a diversion has to offer. When we get 0 or 3 from a given Raid I’m many reduction expected to go on to a next.

The altogether nerf only creates it reduction essential to go out and spend a day raiding than it used to be, though there are dual sides to looking during this problem. For one thing, Legendary Raids had turn captivated to a indicate where it didn’t unequivocally make clarity to play a diversion any other way, presenting an apparent change problem if this were a normal game. From that indicate of view, a nerf is unavoidable and practical. But Legendary Raids are also distant and divided a many fun thing to do in Pokémon GO, respirating new life into both a village and a game’s income stream. From that indicate of view, it creates clarity to pull players towards them, even if it screws with a game’s already slim economy. Going behind to unchanging old Pokéwalks is an apparent downgrade, and some-more expected to get people to stop personification than anything else.

At a finish of a day, I’m in preference of gripping them overpowered, even if it doesn’t unequivocally play with a rest of a economy. If Legendary Raids are no longer rarely essential to do, it follows naturally that fewer people will do them. And we if we can’t get a critical mass of players during a given Raid, people won’t be means to finish them or will have to wait excessively prolonged for some-more people to uncover up. When that happens we start a infamous cycle where people don’t consider they’ll be means to finish a Raid and afterwards don’t even try. Without a ability to uncover adult and assume a few people competence be along to help, Legendary Raids will turn a solitary prudence of a hardcore players that classify on Facebook and many other players will give up. That’s bad for a ton of reasons, a many distinct one being that people only won’t suffer a diversion as much, and are reduction expected to rise a clarity of village that helps offshoot people into games for a long-haul.

I’d design another change refurbish soon, expected relocating Potions and Revives into a separate loot pool from Raid-specific rewards. The altogether nerf, however, is expected to stay. We’ll see how it all shakes out once Exclusive Raids hit, presumably with aloft rewards. As distant as Tier-5 goes, a intelligent thing to do would seem to be adding some kind of guaranteed rewards alongside some pointless opposite to safeguard that people keep branch out.

As an aside, another engaging partial of a Silph Road’s investigate is that a series of rewards we get is directly tied to how many premier balls we get, that mostly relies on your group performance. Which just strikes me as an awful idea, overall: we can be a top damage-dealer on house and still get little rewards since a ton of Mystic Players showed up, or since a gym you’re during happened to be assigned by a opposite team. The group complement is a ideally excellent approach to classify PvP, though suffusing it into a diversion command vast feels counter-productive, unnecessary, and some-more like an Ingress holdover than an conscious decision. Pokémon GO is during a impulse a diversion about team-work and hampering that in any approach seems foolish. 

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