Legendary pokémon are finally entrance to Pokémon Go

Today Niantic announced that a long-awaited recover of mythological pokémon in Pokémon Go is entrance soon. The studio supposing some sum on how a underline will play out in-game. Players will have to work together to better a singular monsters regulating a game’s new mild raids feature, which was introduced final month.

“Once in a wild, trainers can hunt for singular mythological eggs during gym locations around a world,” a association explains. “Players can group adult with friends and other trainers to join mythological raid conflict to better a mythological pokémon and acquire a possibility to locate it.”

The underline will make a entrance really soon; a initial mythological pokémon raid will take place during Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago on Jul 22nd. If players in Chicago conduct to better a monster, mythological raid battles will afterwards start rolling out globally on a 23rd.

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