Legend of Zelda UPDATE: Big news for Nintendo Switch games supplement and reconstitute project

There’s been a lot of news per The Legend of Zelda authorization this week, on both a Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS.

Zelda Breath of a Wild looks to have started a trend for Nintendo, who are already responding questions about a sequel.

Having seen a latest pretension take Link’s adventures down a somewhat opposite gameplay route, it appears that a Zelda group are gratified with a results.

So pleased, they are aiming to emanate a same turn of leisure found in Breath of a Wild, for their subsequent large Switch project.

Speaking to IGN, Breath of a Wild Producer Eiji Aonuma gave a organisation answer when it came to how a group wish to understanding with Link games in a future.

“You know, we can’t pronounce to what other people, other companies will do in their possess games, though we consider for me, generally only in terms of a Zelda series, a implausible leisure that this diversion offers we and how good that’s been received…to me, it means that freedom, that turn of leisure is something that needs to be confirmed in Zelda games going forward,” Aonuma commented.

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