Legend of Zelda Breath of a Wild update: New find creates Switch diversion even harder

The channel has posted minute instructions on how to activate a glitch and play with a new stipulations in place.

1. On one save file, enter any tabernacle with H2O (while we have cryonis) and save, afterwards lapse to a categorical menu.

2. Start a new game, after a starting cutscene it should autosave, don’t collect adult a line-up yet.

3. Load a initial save record in a tabernacle with water, from there make a cryonis post and stand to a top.

4. Move to a corner where we would get a prompt to stand down. Start to stand down and postponement on a same frame.

5. From a postponement menu, bucket a autosave in a tabernacle of resurrection.

6. You should blank out and parent outward of a tabernacle of rebirth but a shiekah slate.

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