Latest South Park Episode Has Overwatch Easter Egg

A integrate of weeks ago, South Park mentioned Fortnite in a part about propagandize shootings, and as it turns out, a latest part of a uncover also had a anxiety to a renouned video game. As some sagacious fans no doubt noticed, South Park‘s deteriorate 22 part 3 “The Problem with a Poo” indeed facilities a anxiety to Overwatch.

Near a finish of a episode, a kids of South Park are offered for costumes during a Halloween store called Halloween Outlet. The store’s windows underline a series of costumes on display, including renouned superheroes like Captain America and Black Panther, as good as some fear film villains, like Pinhead and Freddy Krueger. South Park’s Halloween Outlet is also offered costumes formed on dual of Overwatch‘s many tangible characters, Reaper and Tracer.

As can be seen in a picture below, Halloween Outlet has both a Reaper facade and a Tracer facade in stock. Reaper and Tracer have both been featured prominently in Blizzard’s selling for Overwatch, with Tracer even on a box art, so it creates clarity for Halloween Outlet to underline Halloween costumes formed on them over other characters from a game.

south park overwatch halloween opening easter egg reaper tracer

Of course, this is distant from a usually video diversion reference South Park has made. As formerly mentioned, a uncover mentioned Fortnite a integrate of weeks ago, and in a past, whole episodes have been formed around gaming. The many famous instance is substantially the World of Warcraft part that a animators worked on with assistance from Blizzard, yet there is also a Let’s Play part that’s value mentioning, that even featured an coming by PewDiePie.

In a future, South Park fans can design uncover creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to continue including video diversion references. After all, a dual are certified gamers themselves, and have even done appearances during E3 in further to operative directly on the South Park video games from Ubisoft.

Whether or not another South Park video diversion is constructed stays to be seen, yet it seems as yet a industry’s change won’t be distant from a show.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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