Latest Prey beta refurbish fixes register bugs and stamina recovery

Prey launched flattering uniformly – during slightest compared to Dishonored 2 – though it wasn’t though a paltry problems. Save corruptions were arch among a problems and were evidently bound with a final update, though a new v1.03 refurbish addresses a problem further.

Meanwhile, register equipment should no longer disappear when relocating between areas in a Talos I, and a bug that stopped stamina from replenishing should be gone, now. Elsewhere, bugs associated to repairing, built weapons and erroneously antagonistic tellurian enemies have been addressed.

Oh – and a FOV slider is now accessible in a modernized options menu. The full patch records are below, though you’ll need to opt into a beta regulating some instructions herein. For a rest of us, a patch will substantially hurl out strictly in a matter of days.

  • ​Further fixes to forestall save games from apropos corrupted. Fix also earnings depraved save games to uncorrupted state.
  • Items should no longer be wrongly deleted from register or universe when changing levels.
  • Fix for stamina not recovering.
  • Fix for being incompetent to correct items.
  • Player should no longer parent out of level.
  • Fabricated weapons are now empty.
  • Fix for humans wrongly branch hostile. Hostile humans in run will be returned to friendly.
  • End diversion credits now always skippable.
  • Aaron Ingram no longer cowers if spooked by a typhon.
  • Fix for several problems creation changes in a settings.
  • FOV slider is accessible in a modernized options menu.

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