Latest No Man’s Sky patch squashes save bugs and adds sundry boat handling

In a fifth patch given No Man’s Sky‘s vast Atlas Rises refurbish final month, developer Hello Games has bound an irritating save emanate and combined some-more accumulation to a approach ships handle.

Some players were formerly incompetent to save their diversion if they’d played for a really prolonged time, that contingency have been infuriating. Now there should be no some-more issues.

On a boat doing side, opposite forms and classes of ships now have graphic doing styles, that could give players some-more inducement to save adult for a new craft. “Each particular boat now has procedural doing and speed characteristics, formed on their form and class,” Hello Games said.

There’s a whole load reason of other tweaks underneath a hood, many of that describe to improving a user interface (which is now easier to navigate with a keyboard) and regulating visible anomalies, such as vast white markers display adult henceforth over certain buildings. Read a full list of changes in a patch notes.

When we wrote about a previous patch we asked either now was a good time to burst on board. The response was a resounding yes, with people observant it’s now tighten to a diversion they wanted when it launched. It’s good to see it being ceaselessly supported, and hopefully it will usually keep improving from here.

If you’re meddlesome in some-more reading about a stream state of a game, check out Chris’s low dive (written pre-Atlas Rises).

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