Latest ‘Final Fantasy XV’ refurbish lets we dress adult like an godlike badass

Final Fantasy XV’s latest giveaway refurbish adds one of sci-fi’s many dear conventions: exosuits.

Among other things, a Jul 2017 refurbish lets any of a 4 categorical characters — Noctis, Gladio, Prompto, and Ignis — rug themselves out in Magitek Exosuits. In further to creation them all demeanour like Dead Space rejects, a new armor gives any of them 30 mins of invincibility per day.

That’s an OK perk, we guess.

Also enclosed in a patch is a new query that doubles as a Walt Whitman reference, called “O Partner, My Partner” and a new fold to fight called “Cross Chain,” that is meant to adult your fight efficacy opposite enemies with high defense.

Rounding out a refurbish is a kickoff for 2017’s Moogle Chocobo Carnival. The in-game eventuality runs until Sep and gives players an event to revisit Altissia outward a story and contest in an collection of mini-games.

It’s been pronounced here before, but: Final Fantasy XV increasingly looks like a JRPG take on Destiny. Square Enix has kept a diversion frequently updated with new, giveaway add-ons, many of that possibly change a diversion or change a proceed we proceed it.

In other words: come for a nifty-looking exosuits, stay for a ever-shifting “live” take on a Final Fantasy adventure.

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