Late ‘Pokemon’ Voice Actor Will Remain in a Anime Until October

Pokemon anime, Unsho Ishizuka has tragically upheld divided during a age of 63 and many in a Pokemon fan village are anguish this loss.

Though it doesn’t meant that Ishizuka’s work will finish only yet, as TV Tokyo has reliable that Ishizuka will sojourn in a array until a initial week of October.

Anime News Network reports TV Tokyo suggested that Ishizuka had already finished his work for a Pokemon: Sun Moon anime until a partial that’s scheduled to atmosphere a initial week of October. They will promote a episodes as designed before Ishizuka’s comfortless passing, and that means fans will still be means to suffer Ishizuka’s voice opening until then.

As for a probable inheritor to Ishizuka, one has not been named as of this writing. TV Tokyo offering a many intense thankfulness to Ishizuka as he’s been a partial of a Pokemon anime authorization from a really commencement in 1997, and even by a latest film Pokemon: The Power of Us.

Aoni Productions announced Ishizuka’s flitting progressing this morning as he upheld divided Aug 13 after a hitch with esophageal cancer. They note that Ishizuka had been receiving diagnosis for his condition, yet nothing of a attempts to soothe him were effective. Along with voicing this important purpose in Pokemon, Ishizuka has supposing voices for many characters opposite outrageous franchises such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Cowboy Bebop, Fullmetal Alchemist, and JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure among many, many others.

Ishizuka can now be listened as a anecdotist in Pokemon: The Power of Us, which has already done a entrance in Japan. Fathom Events will horde a singular run of a film on Nov 14, 26, and 28 with a final screening holding place on Dec 1.

Pokemon: The Power of Us is described as such:


“In a city where people live with a wind, a mythological Pokemon Lugia appears on a final day of an eventuality that is hold once a year famous as a Wind Festival, and people suffer a wind’s beauty only like a guarantee perceived prolonged ago. Coincidentally, Satoshi and Pikachu, who were participating in a Wind Festival, accommodate 5 people. Is this a guarantee Lugia preserved? And what is a temperament of a Phantom Pokemon Zeraora? Now, people and Pokemon, everyone’s bond can emanate a miracle.”

via Anime News Network