Last Day To Play Final Fantasy 15’s Assassin’s Creed Crossover Event

Final Fantasy XV has positively perceived a share of weird DLC, from Power Rangers-like fight suits to a Cup Noodle hat, though one of a many astonishing additions to a diversion is a Assassin’s Festival, a limited-time eventuality themed after Ubisoft’s Assassin’s Creed series. The eventuality has been using on PS4 and Xbox One given final August, though those who’ve nonetheless to attend in it usually have a few some-more hours to do so.

The Assassin’s Festival is scheduled to interpretation on Jan 31, creation this your final eventuality to take partial in a eventuality and acquire Assassin’s Creed-themed items. Like a Moogle Chocobo Carnvial, a Assassin’s Festival is giveaway for all players to attend in and is a self-contained mode that’s accessed from a categorical menu. Along with quests and mini-games, a Assassin’s Festival adds gameplay elements from a Assassin’s Creed array to Final Fantasy XV, such as secrecy segments and a ability to perform a Leap of Faith.

In further to a Assassin’s Creed-themed mini-games and quests, players can acquire Medjay’s Assassin’s Robes for all 4 of their celebration members from a event. Those who perceived a Dream Egg will also be means to clear Master Assassin’s Robes for categorical impression Noctis. However, a Dream Egg could usually be performed from a aforementioned Moogle Chocobo Carnival, that ended behind in September.

Final Fantasy XV is accessible now for PS4 and Xbox One and will recover for PC around Steam this year; however, PC players will skip out on a Assassin’s Festival event, as a Windows Edition is scheduled to arrive Mar 6. In further to a bottom adventure, a PC chronicle will come with all of a DLC enclosed in a game’s deteriorate pass, as good as a new dungeon, vehicle, and trainer fights. Square Enix is also bundling that calm together for PS4 and Xbox One in a Final Fantasy XV: Royal Edition, that further releases on Mar 6.

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