Laser Kittenz strictly picks adult another Overwatch player

Following a successful hearing duration during a European Overwatch Contenders tournament, former Cyclowns support actor Ryan “CrusaDe” outpost Wegen will join Laser Kittenz. This brings a group register behind adult to 8 players.

Laser Kittenz placed third in Overwatch Contenders Season Zero, earning themselves a container in Season One of a event. CrusaDe subbed in for Ivo “Linepro” Krasimirov, that reunited CrusaDe with associate former Cyclowns actor Tiago “mowzassa” Rodrigues, who signed to Laser Kittenz in June. It’s misleading if Laser Kittenz wants to meta-proof a Overwatch patrol and keep an 8 male roster, or if one or some-more of a players will be dropped.

“I’m now finally partial of Laser Kittenz,” CrusaDe said on Twitter. “I can’t wait to see what a destiny holds.”

Substitute players are apropos increasingly common in rival Overwatch as a approach to safeguard teams stay clever in a game’s varying metas. Some tournaments, like OGN Overwatch Apex in South Korea, concede for register swaps in between matches for teams looking to tweak play according to rivalry strategy.

Despite usually holding initial in a small, weekly tournament, Laser Kittenz is seen as one of Europe’s strongest Overwatch teams. The register has depressed center of a margin in many of a showings so far, yet a group managed to mangle into a tip 3 where in mattered—in Overwatch Contenders.

They’ll continue opposed for a championship as they conduct into Overwatch Contenders Season One, which starts in mid-August.

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