Larvitar Will Be June’s ‘Pokémon GO’ Community Day Special Pokémon

Pokemon GO

In a arise of nonetheless another successful Community Day, this time featuring Charmander and an overwhelming shiny Charizard, Pokémon GO has announced a subsequent pick. And it’s a good one.

On Jun 16, players will be means to hunt for increasing spawns of Larvitar in a wild, a Gen 2 Pokémon who evolves into Pupitar afterwards Tyranitar, one of a strongest Pokémon of that era that has valid useful in a array of mythological hunts to date.

The eventuality will run from 2-5 PM EDT on Jun 16, and we already know that a reward enclosed will be 3x locate XP. We do not know what special pierce Tyranitar will be means to learn yet, though it could be something Rock, Dark or maybe one outward a common wheelhouse.

Of march it’s not only about a special moves and simply accessibility to locate a featured Pokémon. It’s also a fact that glossy versions of Larvitar/Pupitar/Tyranitar will now arrive in-game. From what we can tell, a tone change of Tyranitar is not all that major. He becomes a small some-more golden than green/brown/grey, though it’s not a large change like we saw with Charizard this month. Still, apparently you’re going to wish a glossy Tyranitar all a same.

Pokemon GO

Other than Pikachu/Raichu, a initial Community Day offering, a transparent settlement has emerged with Niantic’s picks given then. We’ve had Dratini, Bulbasaur, Mareep and Charmander, all Pokémon with a third expansion stage, and some of a many iconic/powerful Pokémon out there. That tradition continues with Tyranitar that arguably competence be a many useful featured Pokémon yet, given how good he is opposite a whole garland of opposite Pokémon with his Rock/Dark combo. It seems unavoidable that Squirtle is going to be next, and I’d also put income on a Gen 2 and 3 starters, along with Aron, Bagon and Beldum later, some absolute Gen 3’s with 3 theatre evolutions.

This unequivocally seems like it’s going to be one of a best Community Days so far, and Niantic unequivocally has been attack it out of a park with these so far. we sojourn tender with how Niantic continues to rivet a playerbase with events like these now roughly dual years after launch. Pokémon GO is still a worldwide disturb either we comprehend it or not, and Community Day is a large partial of gripping that movement going, along with a launch of new legendaries and generations.

Get prepared to hunt some Larvitar a month from now and build an army of glossy Tyranitars. we know I’m going to.

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