Konami’s New Metal Gear Solid Game is Not What You Want

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Konami announces a initial Metal Gear Solid diversion announced after creator Hideo Kojima’s depart from a array — and fans aren’t happy.

When Hideo Kojima cut ties with Konami as a growth of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain was entrance to a close, fans were justly disturbed about a destiny of a series. Now, a studio has announced a new Metal Gear Solid project, and it’s distant from an ideal delay of a series.

It seems that Konami is formulation to revisit Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, deliberate by many to be a best diversion in a series. However, we’re not removing a delay of Snake’s Cold War exploits or even a HD remaster — a studio is prepping a pachinko diversion formed on a title.

For a uninitiated, pachinko is a form of arcade game that blends a indeterminate inlet of pinball with a low-stakes gambling of a container machine. Pachinko units are impossibly renouned in Japan, and mostly use characters and theming from determined media franchises to captivate in players.

Of course, to some border it’s not a warn to see Konami creation full use of a IP in this way. Last year, a association reliable a plans to de-prioritize console development and concentrate on other platforms like mobile devices.

Indeed, in late 2015 Konami registered a heading for ‘Big Boss’ around a pachinko-focussed subsidiary. Back afterwards it seemed transparent that a studio dictated to use Metal Gear branding for infrequent games, though teases forward of yesterday’s exhibit suggested that we competence be removing something some-more substantial.

The same players who were pensive by The Phantom Pain and prior games in a array are not expected to find many to humour in a pachinko diversion formed on a franchise. If this kind of recover is truly a destiny of a Metal Gear Solid series, copiousness of fans are going to be really disappointed.

That being said, there are vital questions about either there’s a improved choice given that Kojima has flown a coop. Without a idealist executive during a helm of a new game, many fans would maybe rather see a array late than humour defective sequels though his authorial guidance.

Metal Gear Solid will clearly live on even notwithstanding a feud between Konami and Kojima — though fast as a pachinko diversion is something of an vulgar predestine for one of a many renouned and many on-going franchises in all of video games.

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