Konami’s latest Metal Gear Solid 5 patch will mangle your mods …

Konami has released a new patch for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain on PC, and it has some unintended side effects – or really intended, depending on how we perspective Konami. According to players on Steam, a little 114 Mb patch is violation all mod support for a game.

The patch presumably only fixes “an emanate when regulating an Energy Wall while versed with certain pieces of grown gear,” according to a patch records – although Konami also admits that it fixes “other issues” too. Whether those issues include user mods is beside a point, given players are stating on a Metal Gear Solid V Steam forums (via DSOGaming) that a patch screws them adult – regardless of intention,

As a patch isn’t concordant with mod support, if players wish to keep and continue regulating a mods that they have they will need to take a diversion into offline mode – or not to download a patch during all. Otherwise any attempts to use mods in a patched chronicle of Metal Gear Solid V will apparently outcome in a diversion crashing, during that indicate we won’t be means to use a mods anyway.

The other choice is to mislay your mods and wait until a mod makers refurbish them to be concordant with a new patch. Unfortunately, as MGSV is utterly aged now, there’s always a risk that a mods will be too – and their makers might have changed on to other things.

All of that might put on a check on the latest Humble Monthly deal, that gives divided a duplicate of a MGSV Definitive Experience (along with Cities: Skylines) when we pointer adult to it. Of course, if you get that now Steam will download a latest chronicle of a game, including a new mod-breaking patch. Hopefully that one mod where we can play as Hideo Kojima instead of Snake will get updated soon.


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