Konami Releasing A Metal Gear Solid Pachinko Machine

metal rigging plain machine

It appears Konami has no skeleton to recover a large AAA diversion for Metal Gear Solid shortly as they have now expelled a pachinko appurtenance formed on Snake Eater.

For those of we who are unaware, a pachinko appurtenance is a container appurtenance fundamentally used for gambling. They are large in Japan and many video games have incited into pachinko machines.

The unhappy thing is that Konami is creation some-more pachinko machines than tangible video games lately. The association trolled everybody by releasing a Silent Hill appurtenance after cancelling Silent Hills a video diversion that was going to be done by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro.

Konami’s usually AAA video diversion authorization that is still alive is PES. PES 2017 has been announced already and will be out after this year. PES 2017 will implement a Fox Engine that Hideo Kojima helped to create.

It’s utterly unhappy to see that a Metal Gear Solid authorization has turn like this now. It’s doubtful another diversion will be done unless Konami listens to a fans. If we live in Japan, we can play this pachinko appurtenance in Fall 2016.

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