Konami Is Set To Reveal Two New Games For Nintendo Switch At E3 2018

With a difference of a few titles such as Super Bomberman R, Konami is one of a few developers to uncover a continued investment in Nintendo Switch, though that could be about to change with news that a Japanese organisation has dual unannounced titles that it skeleton to betray during E3 2018.

The dual puzzling titles are listed on Konami’s central page on a E3 2018 website, with one settled to be an ‘action/adventure’ and a other a ‘compilation’. With no some-more sum accessible during a moment, we’re all now left to consternation what Konami could be planning. Could we be saying a gathering of classical hits from a firm’s past? Switch has turn a retro powerhouse given launch, after all. A Bomberman anthology perhaps. 

Or maybe, only maybe, Metal Gear could be creation a approach to Nintendo nonetheless again. Of course, that would be meant though Hideo Kojima’s involvement, though still, it would be a acquire further to Switch’s library (especially deliberation a series of Metal Gear titles have done their approach to associate handheld PS Vita over a years).

You’ll have to wait until subsequent week and a Nintendo Direct: E3 2018 promote to learn more. Let us know what you’re anticipating to see Konami unveil…

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