Konami is holding a large PSN peep sale right now – Destructoid

Half off a lot of Metal Gear games

Konami competence not be a same association it once was, though it went out with a crash with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain: A Hideo Kojima Game.

It’s also now half off (now $9.99) as partial of a Konami PSN peep sale, that also includes a few other gems like the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (or all 3 entries damaged adult into bits), Zone of a Enders 2 HD (PS3), Metal Gear Rising, and Hard Corps: Uprising.

Among all of a other large bill stars we feel like we need to representation Hard Corps, that was grown by Arc System Works (and helmed by a good Daisuke Ishiwatari). It’s one of a many pleasing 2D shooters I’ve played in years, and deserves to be in a ubiquitous gaming review some-more than it is.

Konami [PSN]

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