Konami Investigating Why Metal Gear Solid V Cutscene Was Unlocked

Konami is questioning how a dark chief disarmament finale for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has been unbarred – notwithstanding a conditions indispensable to see it not being met. Metal Gear Solid is one of a many renouned gaming franchises of all time, and in contrariety to many movement titles, a gameplay is focused on secrecy and stealing from enemies instead of combat. The games are also famous for their extensive cutscenes, colorful characters and discriminating cinematic sheen. The Metal Gear array is a brainchild of executive Hideo Kojima, who dictated The Phantom Pain to be his final complement in a series.

The diversion introduced new mechanics like a immeasurable open universe and a bottom government system, though sadly Kojima had a nasty descending out with longtime publisher Konami during development, that fast became open knowledge. This led to a termination of Kojima’s earnest fear supplement Silent Hills – a  designed partnership with Guillermo del Toro and Norman Reedus – and a creator split ways with a association shortly after Metal Gear Solid V’s completion. Kojima, del Toro and Reedus have given reunited for stirring PS4 title Death Stranding.

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Metal Gear Solid V Konami Investigating Why Metal Gear Solid V Cutscene Was Unlocked

Metal Gear Solid V contains a dark ending, whereby if all players lame their chief stockpile, a chief disarmament cutscene is triggered. This stage was found by players looking by a game’s files shortly after release, though a conditions indispensable to unbarred this finale were deliberate nearby impossible. Nevertheless, a stage was unbarred on The Phantom Pain’s PC chronicle recently, notwithstanding nukes still existent within a games. Now Konami has taken to Twitter (Via IGN) to explain this was an error, and they’re questioning how it happened.

Some players trust an blunder in a game’s code, heading it to trust no some-more nukes existed in a diversion universe might be a cause, though that’s unconfirmed during this time. Since Kojima has changed on from a franchise, Konami is now building spin-off Metal Gear Survive. This diversion finds some of Big Boss’ soldiers being sucked in an swap reality, where they contingency scavenge for reserve and deflect off zombie-like attackers. Reaction to a arriving pretension has been mostly disastrous so far, with many fans feeling it deviates too most from a core gameplay.

The long-gestating Metal Gear Solid film is still in a works also, with Kong: Skull Island executive Jordan Vogt-Roberts during a helm. The executive has formerly settled that while a designed film will be true to a series, a storyline wouldn’t be formed on any one game.

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Source: Konami (Via IGN)

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