Konami Clarifies Info On Metal Gear Solid V’s Cloaked in Silence Online DLC

Metal Gear plain v DLC-Quiet-2

Konami has posted some-more sum about a Cloaked in Silence DLC container that will be accessible in Metal Gear Solid V’s online mode. They suggested some-more specific sum on a abilities of Quiet and how to play as her.

The Metal Gear Online Twitter page posted a array of tweets. The initial partial was about specific sum on Quiet.

Hello everyone, we’re a week divided from a recover of a new MGO DLC EXPANSION ‘CLOAKED IN SILENCE’! and have a few some-more clarifications.

The new singular impression Quiet has absolute abilities and stats compared to other players, though while she can fulton, her CQC is limited. Quiet is incompetent to hold, choke, interrogate, CQC reason to kill etc. Every CQC movement formula in a flog conflict that can presumably stun. Also Quiet is exclusively accessible to those who squeeze a CLOAKED IN SILENCE DLC.

On Automatch, Created/Selected matches, those but a DLC will not play as or opposite Quiet, nor can they join matches with her included. So if you’re looking to plea yourself or others as/against Quiet a consultant sniper assassin, be certain to squeeze CLOAKED IN SILENCE.

Konami afterwards explained in some-more fact about a new maps in a game. Some of a new maps will be sealed if we do not compensate for a DLC.

The new DLC maps, Coral Complex, Rust Palace, and Azure Mountain are also accessible usually to those who squeeze CLOAKED IN SILENCE.

Players will not be means to join a compare regulating these new maps unless they’ve purchased a DLC, even if they are in a celebration with DLC owners

DLC purchasers have disdainful use of a new maps, adult until Apr 7th, where any MGO actor can try a maps in a arriving SURVIVAL mode

Through SURVIVAL players who have not nonetheless purchased a DLC can join their friends and knowledge a same new calm on a singular basis

The Cloaked in Silence DLC container will be accessible to squeeze on Mar 15th, 2016. It will be useable usually for a online apportionment of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

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