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Final Fantasy XIV is a large game. Maps are distant by loading zones, so Eorzea doesn’t feel utterly as open as, say, Azeroth, though there’s a lot to do. There are 60 dungeons and scarcely 50 trials, and, interjection to a roulette system, these all get run roughly each day.


And that’s only PvE. I’ve played this diversion for thousands of hours — and there’s still things we haven’t seen or done. we have no crafters during max level, there’s still a integrate of trials we haven’t got around to unlocking, and Eureka is still something of a poser to me… So yeah. FFXIV is big.

It helps that rags are big, too. Long, encyclopediac patch notes do tiny to censor how most gets combined to a diversion each integrate of months; even now, after shortening a series of dungeons combined each odd-numbered patch, it takes me days only to get to grips with all that’s been combined whenever a diversion is updated.

But with each patch, it seems like something earnest is combined that only doesn’t land. People who play Lord of Verminion competence as good be unicorns, given I’ve never seen one. That’s not given these things aren’t lovingly crafted or though consequence — nor is it given there’s no ardour for side content.

For example, during a prior live letter, I’ve seen Twitch discuss positively clamouring for Blitzball, a nautical soccer(?) diversion from FFX. But in March, writer Naoki Yoshida pronounced in an talk with Mogtalk that he was endangered people competence bake by it quick if it was true to a original: “I’m certain there are lots of people who wish this, though we can’t shake my courtesy that people would get sleepy of this after personification by it only once.”

As most as I’d like to see Blitzball, Yoshi-P isn’t wrong to cruise that this competence be a fate, given it’s not like there’s no precedent. The latest square of calm with a brief lifespan was Rival Wings, a desirable moba-style PVP mode. It was good perceived on release, not slightest given it was something unequivocally different, but, during slightest on Chaos, a EU information center, it’s impossibly formidable to reserve into now given there only aren’t adequate people personification it to fill matches.

That’s not to contend it’s impossible, and there are groups dedicated to removing adequate playerstogether to make it work. Over on a Aether information center, players have organized Rival Wings / Astragalos days, carrying adequate bodies to have dual coexisting 48v48 games using during once. That’s not insignificant, and it’s a covenant to this game’s village that initiatives like this are recognised of, organised, and indeed come off successfully. But it’s also obscure because it’s required in a initial place.

XIV has a outrageous playerbase and copiousness of opposite paths to follow; if we don’t like certain content, chances are we can find an choice we do enjoy. So because do some things seem to tumble off so quickly? Part of it, we think, is down to rewards.

Palace of a Dead wasn’t desired by everyone, though it stays an unusually fit approach to turn alts. Consider squadron dungeons: Once a ability to constantly spam bard/archer AoEs for ultra-fast clears was removed, a series of people indeed doing them seemed to tumble dramatically. PVP was, for a brief duration after Stormblood’s release, an impossibly quick approach to turn jobs; once a exp prerogative was slashed for those who weren’t on a winning team, players drifted away. For calm where a rewards are a one time thing (such as a mountain from Rival Wings), XIV’s actor bottom seems calm chasing another carrot wholly once they’ve got what they wish out of it.

I also consider that a developers are gentle experimenting to an border not mostly seen in MMOs. we don’t consider anybody approaching them to formula a minion-based RTS and indeed exercise it. This enlightenment of only perplexing things out is good, and we don’t wish it to ever change,  though people aren’t guaranteed to adore all we do if it’s so opposite from a game’s core. The knowledge during a heart of XIV hasn’t altered all that most given ARR, and that’s what players compensate their subs for. The serve we get divided from that, a reduction of a pledge it’s going to be that everybody likes it.

The challenge, then, is reckoning out how to incentivise people to try new things — and to make certain a experiments that supplement to XIV’s attract supplement to a diversion for a prolonged tenure and not only in a weeks following a patch. One-time rewards do tiny in this regard, and nerfing calm that gives improved rewards than primarily dictated (such as a EXP from PVP) has a lane record of murdering a playerbase’s seductiveness in it. After all, if you’re no longer removing as most as we used to out of something, because would we go back?

It’s maybe some-more critical now than it has been during any other indicate in XIV’s lifespan. we mentioned progressing that a series of dungeons combined per patch has depressed (down to one in odd-numbered patches), and it’s been explained that a proclivity behind this is to giveaway adult resources for new features. This is a good idea, and certain additions — even those as tiny as a glorious dresser — have been demanded for years.

But calm on a draining edge, either it be Blitzball or anything else, needs to supplement value and keep players entrance back. The PVE core of a diversion does that, though if resources are being destined divided from it to emanate new stuff, afterwards it’s needed that whatever’s on a setting starts doing it too.

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