Junkrat’s New ‘Overwatch’ Short Film Is So Great

Credit: Blizzard

Junkrat and Roadhog

The newest Overwatch short film stars Junkrat and Roadhog plotting a intrigue to get behind into their home, Junkertown, and blow it up.

It’s a punish tract that goes south fast interjection to Junkrat’s large mouth. And it’s utterly funny.

Check it out:

It’s many more humorous and cartoony than many of a previous Overwatch shorts, though we like it. It’s not indispensably the best of a bunch, but some comic service is always welcome, and a pairing of Junkrat and Roadhog is comedic gold.

As it happens, a brief is also an introduction to the new Escort map, Junkertown. You can check out a preview of a new map here.

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short link blacxbox.com/?p=9544.