Jim Sterling Has Figured Out an Ingenious Way of Avoiding YouTube’s Copyright Claims

Jim Sterling, the popular YouTube censor and horde of web array The Jimquisition, has figured out a honestly inventive proceed of avoiding copyright claims and calm ID matches on a video-sharing site.

In his latest part of The Jimquisition, Sterling discusses Nintendo and a intermediate response to a company’s new recover of Star Fox Zero. However, given Nintendo’s retrograde proceed to YouTube, with a association frequently flagging content for copyright transgression even if a use of footage from their games is lonesome by Fair Use, it would typically usually be a matter of time before a association flagged a video and pulled it from a site.

This has led to Sterling devising a proceed to bypass these fake copyright claims not only with Nintendo, though with visit abusers of YouTube’s Content ID system. At a finish of a video, Sterling explains how he had peppered it with footage from a accumulation of footage of games that typically lead to copyright claims, including Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Grand Theft Auto V and Beyond: Two Souls. Sterling suggests that by doing so, these companies will therefore find themselves during a lax finish as they will be forced to confirm among themselves who should monetize a video and try to distinction from it. 

With a visit abuse of copyright claims plaguing a site, as we have formerly summarized in a coverage of a #WTFU debate upheld by several distinguished YouTube calm creators (Sterling included), this presents a really crafty proceed for video makers to safeguard that their calm isn’t unceremoniously private from a site. Check out Sterling’s video below, with his outline of his new process commencement during around a 9-minute mark:

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