Jeff Kaplan acknowledges Overwatch Anniversary Event rob box complaints

The Overwatch Anniversary Event got underway earlier this week, and sadly, not everybody is happy. The complaints branch from a rob boxes that enclose all that honeyed anniversary swag—108 pieces in total, that according to Reddit’s calculations (via USGamer) cost some-more than 56,000 credits to buy. That’s a lot of credits, generally in comparison to prior events, such as Uprising, that featured 95 equipment value a sum of 37,000 credits. 

The difference, as a post explains, is a participation of 11 Legendary skins, that on their possess import in during 33,000 credits. And sure, nobody’s putting a gun to your conduct and forcing we to grub for this stuff, though a existence is that everybody wants it, and fixation it too distant out of strech only annoys people, something Blizzard works tough to avoid. To that end, diversion executive Jeff Kaplan took to a Overwatch forums to acknowledge a problem and entice continued discussions about “rewards, rob boxes, and anniversary cosmetic items.” 

“I only wanted to acknowledge that we’ve been following a threads about a rob box rewards as they associate to a anniversary events, other events and rob boxes in general. The feedback and suggestions have been useful to us,” Kaplan wrote. “We had a unequivocally good contention yesterday about a feedback we’ve been conference this week. While we don’t have any evident movement equipment to report, we suspicion it was critical for we to know that we are listening.” 

It’s not a promise, or even a suggestion, of an composition in a future, though I’m prone to consider that if Blizzard wasn’t during slightest meditative about fiddling a bit, Kaplan wouldn’t have brought a matter adult like this in a initial place. And if there’s one thing Blizzard likes to do, it’s fiddle. 

The Overwatch Anniversary Event is live now and runs until Jun 12. Don’t forget that a free weekend kicked off currently for gamers who are extraordinary though non-committal, charity entrance to a full lineup of heroes, maps and modes until midnight PT on May 29. 

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