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A 31-year-old Evergreen male will spend 10 months in jail and 4 years on trial for his purpose in targeting mixed Eau Claire County preference stores in a week.

Eau Claire County Judge John Manydeeds on Friday also systematic David G. Meiser to compensate restitution, bear an ethanol and other drug comment and to say comprehensive sobriety.

“I wish we to be successful,” Manydeeds told Meiser during his sentencing hearing.

Meiser pleaded no competition on Nov. 6 to being celebration to a crime of robbery, use of force, a felony. Three additional charges — attempted spoliation with hazard of force, spoliation with use of force and sell burglary — were dismissed.

“Mr. Meiser is not usually an addict,” District Attorney Gary King told Manydeeds. “He’s an addict who committed aroused crimes.”

While Meiser has obsession issues, his sister and father told a decider he has never been violent.

Meiser “accepts full shortcoming for his actions, and he feels good remorse,” pronounced invulnerability profession Diane Lowe, observant a crimes were an misconception for her client, who had no before rapist record.

“You apparently have people in your dilemma who support you,” Manydeeds told Meiser, who also had a deputy from Arbor Place, a Menomonie conversing and renovation core where Meiser had perceived diagnosis in a past, pronounce on his behalf.

But “you have put (the employees and business owners of these stores) in a bad spot,” Manydeeds told Meiser, and “I wish them to be means to redeem from this as most as they can.”

The decider systematic Meiser to have no hit with Countryside Cooperative, E10914 Highway HH, Eleva; Kwik Trip, 2232 Otter Road; and a Mega Holidays during 2940 N. Clairemont Ave., and 2943 Western Ave., or a employees encountered during a robberies or attempted robbery.

Meiser also contingency follow by on any endorsed treatment, get a pursuit and stay divided from drug dealers and users, a decider said. He also can’t possess any firearms.

According to a rapist complaint:

A male wearing black gloves and a sweatshirt with a hood adult entered a Mega Holiday on Western Avenue during about 11:30 a.m. Sept. 11, bought a container of cigarettes and left. About 10 mins later, he returned and demanded a clerk open a income register and give him all a money.

The male left a store after a clerk didn’t approve with his final and got into a vehicle, that was driven divided by another man.

At about 9:09 p.m. a same day, authorities responded to Countryside Cooperative for a robbery. There, a clerk pronounced dual males approached a counter, bought a drink and afterwards reached into a income register and stole about $300.

The group left a store, got into a car and headed easterly on Highway HH before going north on Interstate 94.

On Sept. 18, an Eau Claire military officer responded to Kwik Trip, 2232 Otter Road, where a manager reported a male entering a store shortly before 7 p.m., stealing a 12- container of drink and withdrawal but profitable for it. 

The manager exited a store and saw a car withdrawal with a think in it and supposing military with a permit image number. The series was found to be listed to a Chevy Equinox purebred to Aaron Schmidt.

At 8 p.m. a same night, a male entered Mega Holiday, 2940 N. Clairemont Ave., pulled a income register from a cords, ran out with a register and got into a Chevy Equinox with another male and left.

A store central pronounced about $280 was taken during a spoliation and placed a value of a register during $500 to $600 and a bottom of a credit label appurtenance during $100 to $200.

Officers located a Equinox during a Mega Holiday on Cameron Street, and Meiser and Schmidt were arrested.

Surveillance video from all 4 preference stores led authorities to brand Meiser and Schmidt as a suspects for all 4 incidents.

Schmidt, 36, also was ostensible to be condemned Friday. However, his attorney, David Field, asked for a continuance, so he could have an choice pre-sentence review completed.

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