It’s Official: Black Ops III Earned More Money On Steam In 2016 Than Infinite Warfare

Steam’s 2016 altogether Top Sellers list expelled yesterday morning contained all a usual, shrug-of-the-shoulder entries, violation down a top-selling games (in no sold order) into 4 tiers. But, to anyone who perceives a loathing of Call of Duty games among PC gamers would be astounded to see Black Ops III in a bullion tier.

While that could be a story in and of itself, you’ll also notice that Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty’s 2016 entrance was dual tiers next Black Ops III, in a bronze tier. This creates it central that Black Ops III has warranted some-more income on Steam than a newer, shinier follow-up.

Now, we know what you’re going to say: “Well that’s not an accurate comparison, given Infinite Warfare customarily came out in Nov and Black Ops III is customarily cheaper.” we had a accurate same thought, but, while that’s true, it’s usually not replicated in any other franchise.

Civilization VI came out in late October, and it vastly outsold Civilization V. Watch Dogs 2 also came out in November, and it’s also violence a predecessor, that is cheaper and had a whole year to sell copies. The list goes on, and in each other case, a supplement is out-selling a predecessor.

Except for Infinite Warfare. This explains Infinite Warfare‘s dropping actor count, and parlays with a disappointing sales overall. We knew that Infinite Warfare was offered during a slower rate than Black Ops III did on release, though this is a opposite story entirely, generally given prior numbers customarily factored in earthy copies, and Steam, of course, deals with digital sales.

And, so most for PC gamer’s loathing of a Call of Duty series. Black Ops III‘s position in a second tier of 2016 sales, forward or on-par with several renouned Steam games. So we don’t know how most longer a “PC gamers usually hatred Call of Duty” forgive is going to fly.

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