It’s Long Past Time For ‘Pokémon GO’ To Have A Solo Raid Option

Pokemon GO

Pokémon GO introduced raids over half a year ago, and they’ve remained a primary activity in a diversion ever given then. But a diversion is starting to run into a problem that was already there from a start, yet one that’s being amplified over time: a miss of appearance to make raiding appealing or worthwhile.

While Pokémon GO is still distant from a “dead game,” attracting millions of players from around a world, actor seductiveness has slim off, and there are reduction players now than there were 6 months ago, and positively distant reduction than there were in a launch window.

That wouldn’t be that vast of a understanding since few activities in a diversion need a outrageous race base. Much of a diversion can be played solo as we impetus around hatching eggs and collecting furious Pokémon. Gyms usually need 6 people to keep them entirely stocked with opponents. But raids? Raids are a opposite story.

While low-level raids are means to be soloed by many players, when we start relocating into aloft tiers, that changes. You competence need during slightest 2-4 some-more people assisting we out for a aloft finish ones, and Legendary raids are best with as many people as we can find, yet apparently some aloft turn players are means to 2 and 3-man them. This is a problem when raids seem in pointless places for brief durations of time.

Pokemon GO

Depending on where we live, actor race is branch into a critical problem for raids. Many places, all anyone wants to do is Legendary raids, so if you’re perplexing to do one of a reduce tier ones to locate something out of Gen 3, for instance, we competence be out of luck. But in some other locations, even removing players together for a Legendary raid is still impossibly tough, and we know many players that gave adult on Legendaries altogether since they simply could not find a compulsory volume of people to do a raids consistently.

Coordinating raids takes a lot of out-of-game work, Discord, Slack, Facebook groups, and even that isn’t adequate a lot of a time. Yes, infrequently we review stories about tiny towns putting together day-long raid-hopping parties with dozens of people, and while that’s awesome, that’s a exception, not a rule.

I consider it’s time for Niantic to commend that for a really vast apportionment of their playerbase, many raids sojourn untouched by no error of a actor themselves. As such, we consider it’s a good thought for Niantic to have a solo raid choice for many tiers of raids, if not all of them.

Pokemon GO

Obviously organisation raiding still needs to be encouraged, yet maybe Niantic introduces a scaling complement formed on how many people are in a fight. If it’s usually you, maybe a rewards from raiding are reduced, and a actor gets reduction balls for attempts to locate a Pokémon during a end. But a critical cause is that a raid would still be soloable by one actor with a rather efficient group and fighting abilities.

You could disagree that maybe Legendary raids would be left off this list, that we could understand, yet even there we consider there needs to be improved scaling for players to slightest make a attempt in areas where there simply isn’t anyone else playing. Otherwise Niantic will continue to see a spoil of a playerbase with so most calm clearly out of reach.

I know there will be a lot of people who pull behind opposite this, observant it defeats a purpose of raids, yet personally, we contend raids in their stream form better a purpose of Pokémon in general. The handhelds never had any arrange of requirement about fasten adult with other players to have entrance to a top-tier Pokémon in a game. The rest of Pokémon GO doesn’t even have that requirement, usually raids. we consider a thought of tying raids to players who are possibly A) regulating third celebration collection to coordinate groups for raids or worse, B) spoofers, is a problem. There needs to be some-more solo options for players, and we wish Niantic recognizes that soon.

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