Is Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End improved than Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

Uncharted 4 is incredible. But is it a best in a series? Specifically, is it improved than Uncharted 2: Among Thieves?

That’s what I’ve been seeking myself given violence Nathan Drake’s latest adventure. It’s a PlayStation 4’s biggest disdainful yet, and it serves as a finish to a authorization that has sole over 21 million games. we adore this series, and a latest installment filled me with consternation and glee. However, 2009’s Uncharted 2 is one of a biggest sequels of all time. It takes the ideas and characters from a strange and refines them into an incredible, pleasing adventure.

But now that I’ve played Uncharted 4, I’m wondering if Among Thieves still binds onto to a tip mark in a franchise. Each has a possess advantages going into this fight. Uncharted 2 is now a dear classic, while Uncharted 4 is glossy and new. But I exclude to cop-out with some arrange “oh, golly gee, they’re both good we guess” result. At a finish of this story, we will collect a winner.

I also wish to note that, distinct my spoiler-free review, I’ll be articulate a bit about Uncharted 4’s story here.


Above: Uncharted 2 was one of a greatest-looking games ever in 2009.

The graphics

You competence consider this comparison is unfair. Uncharted 4 is, after all, 7 years newer than Uncharted 2. Of march it looks better. But I’m perplexing to consider brazen here. When we’re personification both of these games 10 years from now, people won’t caring about excuses. They’ll only notice that one diversion looks prettier.

Uncharted 2 has aged well, generally if you’re personification a new remaster. And during a time, it was one of a greatest-looking games ever seen. We can contend a same thing about Uncharted 4 right now. It only has a advantage of a latest graphics tech in console games.

Uncharted 4 has a some-more slower moments than a predecessors.

Above: Uncharted 4 has a lot more slow moments than a predecessors.

The sharpened and pacing

This one comes down a bit some-more to personal preference. Basically, it depends on how most we like sharpened things, since Among Thieves has a lot some-more gunplay. At its core, it’s a third-person shooter. The final one-third emphasizes this, pitting players opposite hordes of enemies in destined battles.

Uncharted 4 deals some-more in stealth. You can some-more simply equivocate fights or run divided from them. A Thief’s End has fewer imperative battles. It also avoids a trope that a other Uncharted games followed; a final act doesn’t unleash a new form of rivalry (always some arrange of organisation of visionary beings that take a ton of shots to kill) right before a end.

Now, for a pristine shooter, adding a new kind of rivalry can supplement excitement. However, it also becomes irritating when those new bad guys are formidable to kill and take a million shots to die, generally when we unequivocally only wish to competition to a finish of a story.

I’m ripped on this. Some people impugn Uncharted’s sharpened mechanics, yet I’ve enjoyed them. we adore jumping in and out cover, sharpened blindly during foes while rolling out of a proceed of rivalry grenades. But now that we played Uncharted 4, focusing reduction on gunplay creates some-more clarity for a Nathan Drake adventure. You spend some-more time with other aspects of adventuring, like puzzle-solving and exploring. I’m not perplexing to hit Uncharted 2 for carrying a lot of gunplay. we like shooters. However, a lot of games are about sharpened people. Uncharted 4’s proceed feels fresher.

Besides, Uncharted 4 still has gunplay. Heck, mechanically, a sharpened indeed feels improved than it does in Uncharted 2, and a incomparable environments make battles some-more fun than a slight fights in Uncharted 2. But, besides that, I appreciate how it creates Drake’s journey about some-more than headshots and explosions. This is a indicate for A Thief’s End.

Uncharted 4: A Thief Ends is about Sam (left) and Nathan Drake.

Above: Uncharted 4: A Thief Ends is about Sam (left) and Nathan Drake.

The story

Uncharted 2 doesn’t have most of a story. It follows a structure of other journey narratives. It’s some-more about a method of sparkling events and reduction about a character’s feelings, relationships, or growths. Like Indiana Jones, it’s goal-oriented. Uncharted 2 is Nathan Drake perplexing to find a mislaid city.

Uncharted 4 has some-more going on. The introduction of Sam, Nate’s mislaid brother, gives this story some-more depth. A Thief’s End is reduction about anticipating a value and some-more about Nate’s attribute with Sam and his wife, Elena. It’s a story about an aging burglar perplexing to pierce brazen with his life right when a partial of his past sucks him behind into a dangerous universe of treasure-hunting. It’s an romantic story that has some-more going on than “clue leads to idea leads to idea leads to treasure.”

Best turn ever.

Above: Best turn ever.

The set pieces

The sight level. God damn, that sight level. It was Uncharted 2’s best moment. Drake fought his proceed by and on tip of a speeding locomotive as it steamed a ways past beautiful landscapes. The scale of it was absurd for a time, yet it’s even crazier that zero has surpassed it. Even Uncharted 4 doesn’t have a turn that’s as good.

An Uncharted 4 stage where Nate and Sully shun a city on a lorry comes tighten to a sight level. Sadly, a impact of that set square is lower because Sony showed a whole thing during a E3 press discussion final year. So, even yet we was personification it for a initial time, it felt like a rerun.

Uncharted 2 has other implausible moments, including a quarrel with a helicopter (that during one indicate blew adult a building we were in) and a conflict with a tank that chased we opposite an whole village. Against this, Uncharted 4 comes off as a quieter game. It has action-packed moments, but they feel informed (collapsing bridges, descending buildings, and so on).

Yet Uncharted 4 has a improved finale. we don’t hatred Uncharted 2’s final boss, as others do, even if it’s a common conflict in a diversion that’s anything yet generic. A Thief’s End has a consummate that’s some-more cinematic and does a improved pursuit portion a story.

Uncharted 4 is one of a best ever.

Above: Uncharted 4 is one of a best ever.

The winner: Uncharted 4

Uncharted 2’s importance on sharpened and large set pieces make it an easier knowledge to replay than Uncharted 4. Gunfights can play out in a garland of opposite ways, distinct puzzles and climbing sections. Uncharted 4 is a prettier game, and it tells a improved story. It’s importance on a tools of adventuring outward of sharpened make it feel unique. Right now, it’s a improved game.

Time competence change my mind. Years from now, when Uncharted 4’s gleam wears off, comparing a dual competence give a opposite result. But right now, Uncharted 4 ropes a proceed to a top.

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